Bulls Meltdown! 1.9.17

Oklahoma City decided to put it on the Bulls on Monday night. Surprisingly enough, there were no complaining about the officials, just a bunch of self hating comments. Oklahoma City has won two in a row, here’s what the Bulls fans had to say in their meldown:

  • So reason i feel like Jimmy is about shut down Russ.
  • Okc is basically westbrook and good coaching
  • Repeat of the flu game? Let’s hope so.
  • Butler got sick carrying our fat asses probably
  • Grant shuts-down Russell Westbrook. Easy win…
  • Westbrook is a bad man. Gonna be a tough game unless we force him to turn it over. Don’t even let him get over half court without pressure. If you have to foul him, foul him hard.
  • The Bulls should never double Westbrook. He’ll pick us apart with his passing.
  • I just can’t get up for this team. It’s just a weird feeling. Like blah
  • Wade clearly concussed.
  • We’re in trouble. Butler clearly not 100%. Wade might be out.
  • Please SOMEONE get the *** out with LOpez
  • You know that annoying f**king pebble that gets stuck in your shoe and it just annoys the f**k out of you, that’s how I feel about Niko.
  • Awful interior defense.
  • 6 point game? It could have been worse I guess.
  • I can’t stand Lopez. He better be a ex Bulls come Feb deadline
  • Good God. This is getting ugly.
  • Bulls getting bullied.
  • Niko you dumbass.
  • Man, Kanter is such a talented player. If only he was a passable defender.
  • Wade got that superstar foul call on Sabonis. What a joke.
  • I understand the circumstances and all (Butler sick, and we suck) but it’s getting pretty tiresome being down double digits in almost every single game
  • It sucks that I actually like Adams a lot as a player and person, and he is killing us in the process.
  • Westbrook with that forceful flow to his game, reminiscent of pre-injury Rose.
  • Westbrook is just another another level than anybody else.
  • sigh. why are you not helping off Roberson?
  • I always die a little inside every time Doug misses a wide open 3.
  • Kanter starting to look the 17MIL he’s getting…
  • Don’t understand why Butler decided to play tonight
  • Bulls not interested in guarding tonight.
  • Westbrook is unreal. Unstoppable.
  • yawn what else is on
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