2014 NBA Playoffs

Spurs Meltdown! 2012 Deja Vu!

Spurs Meltdown! 2012 Deja Vu!

Well, this was weird. The Spurs fans didn’t do a lot of the normal, horrible things they typically say. There was minimal referee excuses. Though, they’re coining a term “Thunderefs” I kinda like it. They do hate Derek Fisher and most had a complete meltdown and think the series is over after one game. It’s hilarious. Time for Game 4 on Tuesday!

  • I hope Westbrook has another MVP performance for us.
  • This is going to be a tough game.
  • Ibaka back and okc has been beaten down looks like game 3 will be big no?!
  • Revenge…
  • Spurs win by 16.
  • The worst thing that happened to OKC is this 3 day layoff.
  • I’m not sure we should attack the paint much when ibaka is on the floor because the refs will give him the benefit of the doubt
  • OKC needs more than a gimpy Ibaka
  • We are on a different level right now than the freethrOklahoma Thunderefs
  • “Out for the rest of the playoffs” my a**.
  • Doesn’t need to run to shoot 11/11 though.
  • A series that, after Game 2, was getting less and less interesting just got A LOT more interesting.
  • Don’t like the new starting 5 for OKC.
  • OKC better hope they paid the refs enough this game, because if not they don’t have any more tricks to pull.
  • What was wrong with Ibaka’s calf anyway?
  • A whole f***load of nothing, apparently.
  • Ibaka walked thru shootaround. DID NOT EVEN JOG! he is not even 60%
  • Easy win
  • Enough with the Ibaka sh**. I hope the Spurs win by five right at the end.
  • Either OKC lied the entire time or Ibaka is on roids. Neither would surprise me.
  • i ask for drug test on ibaka
  • ibaka on a roll lol
  • f*** you pop, leaving abaka wide open
  • The flukefest will end. Spurs will win if they keep it close.
  • Splitter needs to go at Isucka, tbh. What happens when OKC has to go to the bench?
  • I’ll give Ibaka credit, not sure how he keeps concentration with Kerr and Albert jacking him off.
  • for a guy out for the season Ibaka seems quite healthy
  • They still need more from the bench, because if they don’t get it they’re f***ed
  • I think we’re on the precipice. Spurs turn this amazing OKC around and get a double-digit lead, the series is over
  • Tim is so damned easily intimidated, man.
  • “Ibaka won’t be a factor” -spurs fans before this game LOL
  • Timmy can’t block Perkins
  • Yessss Westbrick, shoot your team out of the game.
  • Lol refs helping us out!
  • Have another d***, Perkins
  • Sit your ass down Perkins and bring back in Ibaka or Collison.
  • WTF, we’re getting calls
  • LOL Porkins.
  • All these whistles will even out big time later..
  • perk in there is good for spurs tho
  • we need to capitalize when refs are still on our side
  • Refs on our side? Thats more unexpected than Ibaka’s 4-4
  • Ibaka being 4-4 isn’t that surprising. He was 11-11 last time
  • Spurs are just throwing up s***.
  • Thunderefs balancing up the off. foul
  • Keep it close, OKC flukefest will end.
  • F*** you, Fisher.
  • Fisher’s just a bleed vag, nothing to see here.
  • The Spurs are settling for stupid jumpers early. This is how they lose to OKC.
  • Fisher bleeding, need to see more of that, tbh..
  • It does worry me that OKC is doing this despite nothing from Durant and Westbrook
  • f*** you Fish
  • Yes! Fisher’ s bleeding! Crack that f***er’s skull!
  • Buy whoever smashed Fisher’s head a beer
  • westbrook is such a donk
  • If someone from OKC made that pass that Diaw just made there would be a semen cloud above Methpeake arena from the TNT commentators.
  • Manu the Thunderkiller.
  • Considering how this game started with Ibaka and on the road, I’ll take a one point lead.
  • for a solid start when Ibaka was going off and OKC was electric. Just keep this up and we got it.
  • we weathered down okc energy and the Ibaka wilt chamberlain effet
  • i’m scared of future make up calls. game already lost
  • Spurs shooting 40%, OKC at 63% and we have a tie game, not bad. Hopefully they cool off.
  • BTW, that wasn’t OKC’s best punch, Durant and Westbrook haven’t done much. Wait til those two go off.
  • Lol at that scrub lamb making step back jumpers. Okc is so flukey
  • Baka must be on some great pain meds!
  • Adams out hustling Baynes, that worries me.
  • spurs need to chill on these 3’s
  • clean block, we caught a break there
  • For all the talk of the Thunderrefs, the officiating has been heavily in our favor so far.
  • I agree and it’s a testament to our fan base that we can see that honestly and unbiasedly. If OKC were getting this treatment, their fans would be stupid enough to think the reffing was legit.
  • Thunderefs really haven’t shown up yet this series.
  • Liking this so far. OKC should have been way ahead from the start. Just hang in there and wear them down.
  • Man, we’re bricking all sorts of s***, smh.
  • Refs are actually refing in Spurs favour a bit
  • Amazing we’re tied with all the bricks.
  • It’s scary how much Ibaka can change the game
  • We are wearing Durant out with our starters on bench.
  • Maybe the fix is in… for us?
  • If Ibaka had a grade 2 injury I’m MJ
  • ibaka is 5-5. Why can’t that f***er miss shots against us in the playoffs?
  • Ibaka is playing perfectly…of course.
  • Lol Ibaka the King of goaltending.
  • Errbody chill, panic when we down 10 in the 3rd
  • Ibaka injury was BS imo…
  • Spurs aren’t winning this game tbh
  • take Tony out already.
  • Parker is killing us.
  • Honestly with the reffing in our favor and OKC still up, they deserve to win this game.
  • How is it the Spurs have no answer for Ibaka? I don’t get it.
  • Someone tell Parker this is game 3 of WCF
  • Tiny Parker is single handily blowing this game
  • OKC’s been called for 10 fouls. Spurs have been called for 2.
  • Spurs fans pissed that Tony isn’t going to have a flawless series
  • OKC using their size to intimidate the Spurs. Just like every loss they have against this team.
  • Parker is a joke
  • Spurs meltdown. Thanks Manu.
  • Spurs bout to lose 4 straight again.
  • Parker is dead weight.
  • this team is beyond pathetic…can’t deal with any kind of adversity. Thunder in 6.
  • bench Parker he is totally out of this game
  • Spurs no points in the paint. Ibaka’s turned us into a jump shooting team.
  • Spurs can’t beat a full OKC team. Thunder in 6.
  • Parker’s a joke. I’d love to trade him for a decent big.
  • I hope tony gets AIDS
  • Ibaka can’t miss and we’re playin like wuss
  • just get Gasol already soft duncan cant do s*** anymore
  • So apparently Ibaka CAN be the 30 point difference LOL. This is a brand new series. Going 7 games.
  • Imagine how crushed okc is gonna be when they lose tonite
  • Ibakas presence alone makes tp’s balls shrivel up
  • All of you are why I hate this site, f***ing f*****t cliff jumpers. There’s no reason Spurs can’t come back and win this game. They’ve just played incredibly s****y, and they’re still right there. Their s***tiness of play has absolutely nothing to do with the Thunder. Such s***ty fans here.
  • A lot of panic on this board. Relax.
  • All of ibaka’s “blocks” are hacks. Lol NBA wwe feel good storyline
  • Gosh, I hope the Spurs can cry it out at halftime and remember that they are a team of men, instead of the scared little girls they look like now.
  • thunderefs mode:on
  • Westbrook will win this game for us
  • Parker can go f*** himself, tbh. Dude obviously hates Kawhi. F***ing scrub.
  • Now we’re down by 4 you f****t s***ty Spurs fans.
  • Manu’s amazing buzzer beater gets one-upped. As usual for us.
  • F***ING OKC!!!!!
  • F***ing Westbrook
  • Keep chucking you stupid f***
  • Lol Thunder Can’t miss and barely winning
  • Exciting first half, good thing we’re still in it
  • this b**** is so cocky i know it s bad but just break is tooth pls, i wanna see him suffer so badly
  • Thunder are gonna regret those two fluke threepointer by chimpbrook
  • Let westbrook take as many half court heaves as he wants.
  • ‘m done with Parker. He’s never lead the Spurs like Tim or Manu.
  • Tim and Manu keeping the Spurs in the game. Just on queue Tony Parker f***ing up that fast break. How in the f*** does Parker f*** that up? My goodness TP is total s***.
  • Lol Spurs fan in denial about not being able to win against OKC in a 7 game series.
  • So many f****ts in this thread. Spurs win by 15.
  • no excuses okc is full strength time to get the job done
  • This game just doesn’t have the pace the Spurs need..
  • The Spurs are not only giving credence to Ibaka’s presence their ball movement has been s*** in this game.
  • This is bad
  • Really hoped the spurs would of come out strong no go
  • Thunder plan working to perfection.
  • Maybe the fact its been a week since the last game is not helping.
  • Spurs are buying into the Ibaka hype. ONE PLAYER SHOULDN’T MAKE THAT MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE!!!
  • Looks like the defense stayed in SA. That’s unfortunate. An even average effort might’ve done the job tonight.
  • Bbbbbbb brooks can’t make adjustments
  • the spurs should find passive aggressive ways to injure ibaka from now to the end of the game. no way they win this series if he is playing.
  • Pop should be coaching circles around Brooks right now.
  • Us fans got a little too overconfident.
  • Green just f***ing air balled.
  • Offense looks exactly like it did in the four game sweep this season. Better hope the Spurs can find some way to pull out 2 out of these remaining 5
  • Kawhi is saying f*** you parker, let me do this…
  • Get the French off of this team, tbh.
  • Thunderefs back to work, after they helped us in the first half.
  • Good lord. Ibaka a force of nature against the Spurs.
  • This s*** is over.
  • Let’s be real, Ibaka is having an incredible game.
  • Get green the f*** outta there, pop!
  • Ibaka hobbling.
  • Yeah, Baka, hurt yourself some more… Why are you playing if you’re still in pain?
  • Ibaka insists he’s fine, TEST HIM ON THAT.
  • Tear ur god damn leg off ibaka. Thunder letting him ruin himself lol
  • Ibaka is a boss tbh…
  • Pretty sad that the Spurs can’t beat a hobbled Ibaka. OKC would be up 3-0 if he played in games 1-2
  • Ibaka = Spurs kryptonite
  • Thank based god Jackson hasn’t shifted into Spurs killer mode.
  • take it to Ibaka..make him run up and down…he’s cut!!! you see….he’s not a machine…..he’s a man!!!!
  • ibaka if not aggravate the injury we are losing the next games,
  • Senile Pop keeping Parker in the game. 2-10, 3 TO, 2 times blocked.
  • And what is currently a 10 point disparity in FTs. Not even claiming conspiracy there, the Spurs are getting their weak s*** blocked.
  • Parker can’t play against a healthy OKC. Hasn’t worked in like 3-4 years, isn’t gonna start working now.
  • Thunder will tire!
  • Uh, they’re a lot younger than us.
  • Ibaka playing with fire and for good purpose smh
  • Not sure what to make of it but it’ll be VERY tough to win this one.
  • give him credit he’s hurting but doing what he can for his team to win
  • Dfish getting popped in the head was definitely a highlight of this game
  • Now we can’t rebound…
  • About F***ing time Parker
  • Push off again, glad the refs are calling that s***!
  • We’re missing, and they’re hitting clutch swing baskets to keep us at arm’s length.
  • Can’t let Fisher get rebounds on the offensive end…EVER!
  • Fisher getting rebounds.
  • You cannot expect to win if Fisher is getting rebounds
  • pop waited too long to take frenchie out
  • F*** now more Marco.
  • No fight in this team. Fisher has gotten 2-3 offensive reboudns. Inexusable
  • We got no answer for their speed and length.
  • Is it a French national holiday?
  • Thunder playing like Finals game 7, Spurs playing like 1st or 2nd round
  • Jesus f***ing Christ this is starting to get ridiculous.
  • Lol eat s*** and die acne F***
  • This game has just been tragic. Good 3 point shooting, favourable refs and a terrible Westbrook game and we still look like losing.
  • F*** MILLS.
  • Jesus Christ Spurs, BOX OUT!
  • I would be mad about the FTs if the Spurs weren’t playing like soft p***ies
  • Can’t even blame the refs. Spurs have just been playing like s***.
  • That’s it. Game over. F***ing pathetic.
  • Thunder have been attacking the basket on every play.
  • Spurs are only down five, all things considered.
  • Adams is a peckerwood!
  • What the hell is wrong with Spurs’ rebounding, it’s like they have no spring in those legs!
  • Okc is attacking at will earning their trips spurs are shooting jumpers
  • The Spurs could be in a much deeper hole
  • Amazing how the reffing changed. It was Spurrefs in the first half. Now it’s back to classic thunderrefs overall.
  • Keep taking the ball right at syringe ibaka and making him work.
  • 7 point OKC lead looks huge at this point, because the Spurs defense has been clueless all night.
  • Bonner save us. Please.
  • We are playing with house money here, we all knew OKC was gonna come out swinging tonight, they are fighting for their lives. We have a chance to steal this in the fourth. Go Spurs go!
  • Lol okc owning spurs down low
  • This s*** is over
  • Patty needs to stop flopping, you’re not going to get a call
  • This game is DONE….. Who didn’t see this one coming?
  • Their tearing us up driving at will its ’12 wall over again
  • Caron Calling your agent for more $$$?
  • LMAO where are all the Spurs homers now??? This series is over!
  • What a joke, refs I hope ur family is murdered
  • Cannot stand this okc team.
  • Blow this s*** up. Embarrassing backdoor sweep coming, again.
  • What people don’t get is that Ibaka going nuclear against us is not a fluke.
  • You are in denial if you think the Spurs aren’t getting outplayed this game.
  • this blaming the refs is p***y okc owned our a**es all game long
  • Game over, headline: ibaka kills the Spurs again
  • It’ll be fun seeing this place implode. It will happen. OKC is just too good.
  • Point to the sky ibaka it’s a miracle your out there apparently lol
  • the lack of class of that thunder team is amazing even los lakers were more classy when they were wining
  • No one said winning a championship was going to be easy
  • As usual, Spurs make Ibaka look like an all-star. I bet we give him a max contract in Atlanta or Milwaukee soon.
  • Wish we were playing the Pacers.
  • 10 blocks for the Thunder, Ibaka is the GOAT Spurs killer
  • Okc isn’t scared of us we held home court their full strength and looking to do the same
  • If Bonner so much as has a toe on the in bounds line within the first three quarters, pop should resign on the spot.
  • i hope it doesn’t take popovich 3 games to figure out ibaka goes for every shot.
  • Can we just burn this thread and start over?

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