Wizards Meltdown! Thunder put a spell on Washington

Wizards Meltdown! Thunder put a spell on Washington


Oklahoma City did their best against a feisty Wizards team. This meltdown was fun. One Wizards fan actually admitted that they forgot Kevin Durant was still on the Thunder. Not any real officiating complaints, but the Wizards faithful are very aware they missed a lot of free throws and wanna fire their coach over it. Wild.

  • I expect a close game, but I think we are outlasted in the end.
  • Will there be a flagrant foul against Adams tonight? Guy seems to attract them.
  • WE OWN THE THUNDER (except on the road)
  • I’ll give my left arm for a win
  • Remember when people thought lamb was as good as Beal?
  • Wow! Gortat’s english is impeccable. I’m speechless.
  • Anyone else think Gortat is a cutey pie?
  • A scoreless cutie pie.
  • Looking like a real basketball team, early. I could get used to this.
  • Be prepared to go down by 10, Durant is still in the game.
  • The offense really blows when maynor on the floor. I wish we had nate rob
  • That new delay of game violation is called very inconsistently. I can understand why players would get frustrated.
  • Westbrook needs a better acting coach. Gimme a break.
  • I rewound it on my DVR. Nene’s hand slapped him in the face.
  • This team is for real.
  • Wall is playing great d. JUST KIDDING LOLZ.
  • Al Harrington is approximately 197 years old in basketball years
  • Idk whos koolaid Nene has been in but he needs to keep drinking it.
  • Damn OKC is long.
  • How is this game tied?
  • That’s Randy Wittman for ya’
  • This OKC team is fool’s gold.
  • OKC is packin it in
  • Beal raining shots down from the heavens!
  • So, durant can’t wait until you join us.
  • I think Durant is likin what his seein from from his hometown team…hes thinkin “man when am i a free agent”
  • Bradley Beal is the bane of the Thunder
  • Beal for MVP
  • ugh…..we dont wanna win. make these darn ft’s
  • Should be a tech on Westbrook. Anything on us would be criminal.
  • Well they can’t come back without Westbrook so. Good job Nene
  • These ARE your mother’s Wizards
  • I don’t like this Wall “milk the clock” offense.
  • These next 2 minutes are going to be pure hell, aren’t they…?
  • Choke job as usual.
  • This loss is on Wall.
  • All those missed foul shots hurting them now.
  • KD?! Wow WTF!
  • Damn that hurt
  • Wow. Durant…that was impossible to defend.
  • F-ing chokers!!!! Damn it!
  • Ok forgot they had Durant
  • Damn ot in okc. This sux.
  • People watching that game at the stadium is getting the money’s worth tonight for sure
  • We had a 10 point lead with less than 4 minutes.. where did it go?
  • Gtrat news… We are Due to win to OT games.
  • You couldn’t script this ending any worse for us.
  • Epic choke job. I have a bad feeling about this…
  • ah well…nice choke job…see ya next game
  • The Wiz sure don’t make it easy on their fans.
  • Holy crap, that crowd is too loud for a regular season game.
  • This is my fault. I turned it on to see us blown that lead with four minutes left.
  • Gortat is clutch!
  • This team is going to be the death of me.
  • One last chance. Dagger me please
  • way to finish John. Same old sh-t.
  • Wall gonna Wall I need some Jim Beam asap!!!
  • Damnit! Wall…
  • F&&k
  • Airballed a layup. Fitting end.
  • Grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.
  • It’s officially over now.
  • When Nene and Westbrook were ejected, everything swung OKC’s way.
  • absolutely gut wrenching f******* loss…
  • this team has a way of twisting the dagger in your heart.
  • That’s it. Sell the team, I’m done.

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