MELTDOWN! Suns fans embrace the tank

MELTDOWN! Suns fans embrace the tank


With the Westbrook returning to help the Thunder, we see the Suns fans really see the light at the end of the tunnel go black. Not too many complaining about the officials, but some of the fans realize that this is going to be a tanking season. Then you have some where fans are just deliriously happy with just being where they are now.

  • I don’t know but OKC doesn’t scare me much.
  • I swear if KD didn’t get chicken **** calls all the time he would be an average scorer.
  • Of course this Westbrook loser comes back against us.
  • Let’s keep that 82-0 dream alive!!
  • The Suns will look like a tanking team in this game. I’m expecting a 30 point loss.
  • If the playoffs started today, OKC would be hosting us in round 1. I think we can upset them
  • Who is this Durant guy I keep hearing about?
  • Always love watching the Thunder. Their fans are one of the best in the league. I love how they stay standing until their team makes a basket.
  • Non calls don’t show up in the stats.
  • Really, four replays for that one shot? Good job NBA.
  • it is crazy how fast Westbrook is. hasn’t played basketball in six months and the guy is like lightning out there.
  • I’m really at a loss to explain why we’re even in this game though, on paper this should be a blowout.
  • 43.5 % on threes. I vote we keep taking them.
  • You f*** with one Morris you f*** with both Morris’
  • I’m off the tank wagon, this team is fun to watch.
  • Bledsoe, you’re open for a reason.
  • BTW, I’m no longer rooting for a high draft pick. I’m rooting for wins. The future is bright with or without Wiggins/Randle/Parker/Young.
  • The 4th Q is all Thunder. Showing why they are in the NBA elite, taking over the game, still very proud of our boys, playing them toe to toe, until the very end.
  • I like how the Thunder are acting like they are beating the Heat in Game 7 of the finals.
  • I would trade Markieff and Marcus for a bag of rocks. they dont even need to be shiny rocks – any old rocks will do
  • 81-1, BABY!!
  • I won’t blame the refs for this one.
  • Oh well, 2-1 is still better than Miami’s record.
  • You know how I know the Suns are tanking? Because Suns fans are talking about 7 point moral losses.
  • God, this team SUCKS! Trade Blesdoe!!!! Trade Dragic!!!! Trade Green, Frye, and Plumlee!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You think Hornacek told the guys last night, “hey, we’re in a close game with a Western Conference superpower. Don’t get ahead of yourselves, we certainly don’t want to win this game.”

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