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Thunder should release Liggins

Thunder should release Liggins


On Saturday evening, the Oklahoma City guard, DeAndre Liggins, was arrested for felony domestic abuse with a deadly weapon. This all happened in front of Liggins’ child. With Liggins bailing out of jail on Sunday and facing a future court date. This really brings what the Thunder organization is about to the front and center.

This is a family first organization. They care about maturity, and most of all being responsible while staying out of trouble. While this isn’t the first bit of trouble for a Thunder player. They’ve had two other players arrested and one escorted out of a building.  No one has really faced the severe charges that Liggins is going to face.

Kendrick Perkins was arrested and had the charges later dropped for being drunk and disorderly outside of a Houston strip club during the lockout. Nate Robinson was arrested for urinating in public while in New York City. He was fined, and no charges. James Harden was caught down at Bricktown’s Rok Bar for being under age at the time, just 20 years old. Nothing happened to him, but the club owner was fined and cited.

So, through all of this, Liggins is facing the most heinous of charges. Hitting any female is wrong on any level. The fact that this took place in front of a child cannot be taken lightly. They have to release Liggins, or face losing their high morale standard that they have across the league.

The decision has to be an easy one. He’s expendable, so that could make it easier for them as well. I’m sure they can get out there and find someone else to do the things he was doing on the court. He makes the league minimum and has to make the regular season roster to get paid. So, Oklahoma City could waive him, and be done with this situation.

A lot of people within the Thunder organization thought Liggins was the odd man out when it came to making the final roster spots. He has a non-guaranteed contract, he didn’t really make a dent. He had his minutes in the sun for a few games, but really didn’t play all that well. It would make sense to go ahead and do it now.

If they don’t release Liggins, their entire high standard of player that they’ve strived so hard to keep in this organization can become tainted. It sends a message to the rest of the players on this team, hey maybe you can get away with some things. They really need to make an example out of Liggins.

Oklahoma City preaches family values, so they can not let an alleged spousal abuser roam the Thunder corridors. Cut your ties and show the league and everyone around, that this organization takes these allegations very seriously. Even being associated with such a vulgar act is not tolerated.

So, cut your ties. Set your examples.

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