Hornets Meltdown! Yes, they Pelican.

Hornets Meltdown! Yes, they Pelican.

Great win by the Thunder.   I was thinking that we’d get through a game without the complaints about the Thunder getting calls.   We almost did.  It took until the 3rd quarter, but someone did start complaining about the calls.  What more can you say about a 40 point game, though.  It’s interesting to watch.  As the year has gone on,  the Hornets have fewer and fewer posters in their game threads.  That’s the last time the Thunder will beat the Hornets, though.  Next year they’ll be beating the Pelicans.  :)  I’ve highlighted my favorites, what are yours?

I’m trying to decide if I am going to watch this blowout or not.

I think I’ll enjoy some 2k13 tonight instead. Lol I’ll record it just in case we win.

Did you watch the other OKC vs NO this year… It was not fun. Durant and Westbrook do nothing but taunt and school our team. It’s annoying.

OKC just kill us. Westbrook will have a field day.

We’ll see his stupid gun in the holster thing at least 5 times tonight…

Honestly, Westbrook doesn’t scare me. It’s Kevin Martin that scares me. Excluding Durant of course.

I suspect that we will see a lot of Durant and Westbrook posing and smiling tonight.

Impressive that Ibaka has developed a nice jumper

Durant and Westbrook Are probably going to be impossible to stop. They just look so much quicker than anyone we’ve got on the floor.

I hope we get our own Westbrook, only bigger, and less of a ******bag.

I bet Kendrick Perkins could guard Vasquez one on one.

That cross over by rivers froze westbrook

I think Westbrook is the best PG in the NBA.. The guy dominate every PG that he faces.

I think Chris Paul and Rondo would have something to say about that.

Westbrook outplayed both of them the past two seasons.. Mannnn Westbrook probably be the only guard that can play the whole game with the same intensity.

That boundless youthful energy will fail him. I wonder how he’ll look in another four seasons or so. And he better pray he never sustains a major injury to his legs. His game is entirely dependent on being fast and explosive. There’s no real skill at work there.

Our best defense is letting Fisher shoot the ball.

Vasquez can’t guard Westbrook So obviously we should ditch him. Quick folks. Name me all the point guards who routinely stay in front of Westbrook. I’ll wait.

And which player on our team is able to guard Westbrook? Do you have any solution?

Who in the league has one?

Refs are blind again. Perkins held vasquez from jumping… Then Rivers gets called for ticky tack reach…

Refs are poop.

I hate playing the Thunder. They make for the most unenjoyable games

I hate watching the Thunder, because I don’t see us constructing a roster in the next 2-3 years that will come close to competing with this team come playoff time.

I don’t like watching them for aesthetic reasons. Free throws are the worst thing about basketball.

Some of the calls Durant get…. Seriously, up by 25 and still getting phantom fouls called, he’s been clean blocked twice this quarter and gotten calls

Kevin Durant Just playing around already has a triple double

Yeah Have I said that the Thunder is a another group I really don’t care for? The triple double is just numbers when you’re playing a team that has to start what New Orleans was forced to start …

Looking at the boxscore I see Westbrook has more free throws than the entire Hornets team. SMH. Durant and Westbrook don’t foul anyone.

This is the first time I see a player getting a triple-double while playing at maybe 50% of his potential and laughing at the same time. Tough team to beat really… I don’t how we can beat them with our current players…

They probably have more blocks than we have rebounds.

I bet you that ref just asked Monty if they’d like to keep the clock rolling the rest of the game lol

Thankfully not face more OKC in this season. No more humiliation.

Their bench could probably win 20 games.

Seriously how many guys is OKC allowed to have? They keep running bodies into the game…

I watched the carnage. Jesus. I hate Westbrook. All you can do is play this one out and get the hell out of town.

I dont think the Hornets are tanking, i think we just suck right now.. Very young squad.

Its all good guys who thought we had a snowball’s chance tonight? Even if we had our full squad… the way OKC shot tonight we still lose by 20. We might be the most un-athletic team in the league we are further away from contending than I though.

that was terrible, embarrassing , and I wasted my familys night I hope we are just tanking to get a top 5 pick . My son who is 10 watched the game with me and he is upset he chose to watch this with me instead of watching Avengers. I feel terrible

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