T-Wolves Meltdown! We finally won a game!

T-Wolves Meltdown! We finally won a game!


Finally a win!  Wolves fans had the obligatory complaints that OKC is given the game by the refs.  If I just read their comments I would think that the poor Wolves never got to the line while the Thunder lived there.  But in truth, the Wolves took 7 more free throws than the Thunder.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy this WINNING edition of the Meltdowns.  

  • I’m pumped! We will win!
  • Lets go wolves At least keep it close enough for me to stay awake…
  • So, what’s the expectation? Brutal blowout, or heartbreaking close one?
  • Ah yes the classic Down 20 the entire game comeback falls short losing by 5. Blowout and heartbreaking.
  • Want Ricky to piss off Westbrook again
  • He’s ripe for another meltdown
  • 50/40/90 from a 6’10 player…my gawd
  • JJ is going to shutdown Westbrook…
  • it’s annoying to be so hopelessly outclassed
  • Seems our only hope is to let Pek draw as many fouls as possible
  • He’s the only one that will get calls. Westbrook and Durant don’t foul…
  • 11 times out of 10 that is foul if Durant is the shooter
  • Sigh…is it going to be one of those nights with the refs again
  • OKC is an NBA darling right now
  • Really? The refs are the difference between us and OKC?
  • Westbrook and Ibaka get away with almost evreything
  • Perk and Thabeet with two fouls each…who’s next?! 
  • These freaking refs wont give us anything 
  • Such a shame how it’s openly okay for refs to treat bad teams differently.
  • Westbrook drools at the thought of ball in hand….shoot first, pass 3rd….
  • Westbrook is 5th in the league in assists…
  • Yea when will he learn that’s not working for him and the team…. Oh wait
  • Does Durant really need ref help? isn’t the fact he never misses enough of a damn advantage? 
  • These refs are starting to get absurd.
  • The wolves are shooting 37% Again. We have 5 FTA, they have 6…5 fouls to 6. OKC is shooting 57%. But it’s the refs. Dear lord I give up with the ref whining.
  • Collison is good at showing a lane Then stepping in and taking a charge He is probably the best at that.
  • Letting Thabeet score Pathetic
  • Steamer should be owning Collison. …nope.
  • Collison is a nice player. Love to have a guy like that coming off the bench.
  • KD a god among men
  • Must be nice to have good shooters.
  • Perkins stroking J’s on us, this is not pretty
  • The refs completely swallow their whistles so the team that is better at shooting (obviously not the Wolves) has a ridiculous advantage.
  • I know we won’t win and it takes a whole lot for me to watch a Thunder game if there’s no chance for the team I root for but I’m sticking around to see how much more pathetic the refs can get.
  • The Thunder should be fun to watch. The refs make sure they aren’t.
  • Dante must have superpowers To have fouled KD without having actually touched him. I think the part of the season where the league pretends to call flopping is officially over.
  • Ibaka two-handed shove in Steamer’s back…..resulting in OKC offensive rebound.
  • It’s legal. We’re in OKC, and it’s OKC. Please pay attention.
  • But if he doesn’t flop, how are the refs supposed to know it’s a foul?
  • Ibaka’s defense is highly overrated Imo Terrific shotblocker. But that’s about it.
  • Ricky can’t get a call on the mugging? I suppose it’s because Perkins has a solid reputation as a clean player…
  • How does Pek go invisible agianst Perkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way he deserves max, we should put that money torward a shooter no doubt.
  • Durant could have scored another ten here, easily have to start remembering that next time I get steamed at a crappy foul call
  • Wow, that wasn’t called a foul on Ak Probably should have been. Maybe the pendulum swings
  • I hope the Wolves shooting coaches are getting video of this. 
  • We have shooting coaches? 
  • They double as the Team doctors
  • They can start calling off-ball fouls K-Mart is hugging Luke, Westbrook has kindled something with Ricky
  • If this game was a fish I’d throw it back.
  • It would be illegal to throw it back you’d have to leave it on the shore to die.
  • This OKC crowd is classless
  • They don’t know what a losing team is They were gifted a superstar thanks to their f***head owner.
  • I’m not going to watch this butchering of the rules any longer, take care guys. Hopefully we can put together a win against a different team.
  • They are better. Even with every call we’ve bitched about going our way we’re losing this.
  • I’d love to see one of our guys go ballistic at a ref over a call.
  • I seriously want to see Pek throw somebody into the backboard so bad. Westbrook drives, tries to poster Pek, and PEK THROWS HIM INTO THE BACKBOARDLIKE A FLY HITTING A WINDSHIELD!
  • If you pretend that 15 points is 0, this is a really good game.
  • I hate Perkins so much
  • Definitely a lot of superteam calls going against MN
  • Durant is seriously bitching about that???
  • I guess he just learned that if he bitches about everything he can get away with more.
  • Did the crowd just sing ‘hey, hey, hey good-bye’? Welcome to 1987, Oklahoma.
  • Have you ever been to Oklahoma? They just finding out about Jimmy Carter.
  • They are going to hate gangsta rap, whenever that gets there.
  • All kidding aside……they have black cowboys there. I’m not saying that’s wrong, I’m just saying it’s different.
  • Westbrook f***ing hates Ricky.
  • I’ve noticed a few PGs seem to dislike Ricky.
  • I think they resent how likeable he is. They’re alpha wolves in their world. When Ricky’s around people pay less attention to them.
  • Hard to win when the other team goes 9-14 from 3 and 22-22 from the line.
  • We lost by 16 points and it didn’t feel like we were playing that poorly for most of the game. (Except for the inability to defend Westbrook. I can’t stand him. He is awesome, but I hate him.)

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