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6 Days Away From Trade Deadline – What A Thunder to Do?

6 Days Away From Trade Deadline – What A Thunder to Do?


The Oklahoma City Thunder are just five days from the NBA Trade deadline. A lot of people are curious if and when Oklahoma City is going to make a move. If they’re going to make a move. It’s hard to think that Sam Presti wasn’t watching the debacle that is the game against the Miami Heat.

There are a few players and draft picks are here and that teams are calling and acquiring about could help Oklahoma City improve some weaknesses. We’ll discuss them after the jump.

Eric Maynor
Possibility of being traded: 80%

Now, he’s basically been with Oklahoma City for his entire career, and his contract is almost up. However, since he tore his ACL, he isn’t the same player. He lacks a certain explosiveness, and honestly, lacks a certain type of care to be on this team. Oklahoma City needs more bench help, and he isn’t the one going to give it to them.

Kendrick Perkins
Possibility of being traded: 33%

Perkins is basically past his prime if you ask me. He’s never fully recovered from his knee injury that he suffered in his final year as a Celtic. He really is an offensive liability 99 percent of the time. Then on defense, he’s really a liability unless he’s defendind the back to the basket type of center. You know, Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, etc.

Jeremy Lamb
Possibliity of being traded: 1%

Lamb is a young prospect who has been thriving in the Tulsa farm club. Oklahoma City expects him to be an key in their system for years to come. However, if the price is right, why not send this talented guard to a team for the right player and or contract. Lamb, unless just too perfect is not going to be traded.

Lottery Pick from Toronto
Possibility of being traded: 50%

Oklahoma City received this pick during the James Harden trade. Basically, unless the Toronto Raptors finish in the bottom three, the Thunder will receive their pick and draft in their place. Every day that the Raptors are playing, the worse and the worse the pick drops and becomes. I believe the Thunder need to push it off. It’s one of the worst draft classes in recent history. You’re not going to get a franchise player with this selection.

Late First Round Draft Pick
Possibility of being traded: 50%

Presti has been crafty with his use of draft picks over the year, and at this current time, he has three picks this year just waiting to be either used or moved. Oklahoma City can use this one to move a player and a draft pick, freeing up some space and not having to sign more players. Which, we have a pretty full roster, we don’t really need anymore.

Charlotte Bobcats Second Round Pick
Possibility of being traded: 75%

Charlotte traded this pick to Oklahoma City as part of Byron Mullens trade. This pick was awarded to Boston as compensation in the Jeff Green medical dispute, but later returned to OKC (James Harden trade) via Houston (Courtney Lee trade).  Oklahoma City  really has zero use for a second round pick. Why not trade this for some cash or a future pick consideration. This pick isn’t needed and seems pointless to even have in our arsenal.

Here are some trade scenarios that I think might help Oklahoma City in their quest at the Larry O’Brien trophy. You may disagree with them. Nor are they actual trades that I’ve been told. They’re just personal thoughts that I feel could help Oklahoma City benefit from their picks.

Eric Maynor, 1st round Pick for Alan Anderson and Quincy Acy
Possiblity: 30%

Oklahoma City will receive a solid player in Alan Anderson, who lit up Oklahoma City for 20+ points back in January. Acy is a project, but brings less money with him. Anderson is the real get here. He allows for some real scoring and consistency off the bench. Something Oklahoma City truly needs right now.

Kendrick Perkins, 1st Round Pick, 1st Round pick for DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmer Fredette
Possiblity: 15%

I know, Oklahoma City loves Kendrick Perkins and they do not want to part with him. Cousins can be considered a cancer and a diva. However, this trade makes complete sense for both parties involved. Perkins can be traded, then he can be amnestied. That’s something Oklahoma City says they’re not going to do. That gives the Kings some cap space and able to really do something for the future.  Oklahoma City some bench support and a solid center and might make Oklahoma City a real team to beat the Heat, for once.

Perkins, Maynor and Toronto Pick for David West
: 5%

Oklahoma City would get a solid post player. They’d take on a little more money, but would sure up a spot in the line up. You could even push Ibaka to the five and Oklahoma City could really the floor more. The Pacers would save about a million dollars, and if they truly wanted, they could amnesty Perkins, giving them a lot of cap room to do something.

Now, these trades as I said were just some things I was toying with and are not legit. You have to remember when doing trades, that both teams have benefit from the trade for them to even remotely consider the trade. Honestly, I’d love the David West trade, but I doubt it going through. I used want a Gortat-Maynor-Perkins trade, but I doubt we’ll ever see that. Oklahoma City really needs to do something though.

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