Daily Starting Five

Daily Starting Five – 2.5.13

Daily Starting Five – 2.5.13

Editor’s note: We’ve done this in the past, but have stopped. We’re going to do our best to bring these back. Used to be our “Thunder Links.” We’ve changed it to our Starting five. Five daily links that are about the Oklahoma City Thunder organization.

Eric Maynor is trade piece curiosity in Philly: You’re never supposed to lose your job because of an injury, but that’s exactly what happened to Eric Maynor. After getting injured, Reggie Jackson stepped into his back-up point guard role behind Russell Westbrook and performed wonderfully. The Thunder just picked up Jackson’s option for next year this past summer, basically showing Maynor the door. (cont…)

Pro Basketball Talk’s Midseason award, all Hail Kevin: What puts Durant on top for me is he is leading his team to more consistent play — the Heat appear bored and coasting to wins some nights, the Thunder seem to bring it every night. (cont…)

Darnell Mayberry points out recent road woes: At 15-9, the Thunder still owns the second-best road record in the West, which shows how successful the team has been away from home for much of the year. Still, in large part because of the recent road failures, the Thunder has relinquished the top spot in the conference and has fallen to second place in the standings behind San Antonio. (cont…)

Jeremy Lamb selected as D-League All-Star: Twenty of the NBA Development League’s top prospects, including 14 who have NBA experience, have been selected to play in the seventh annual NBA D-League All-Star Game on Saturday, Feb. 16, at Sprint Arena at NBA All-Star Jam Session at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center. The game will air live on NBA TV at 3 p.m. ET.(cont…)

An Interview with Thabo Sefolosha with French website: Since it’s in French, we translated, and put it in the drop down box to read [toggle title=””]

Before getting the bill with Russell Westbrook and return its leader poking her ego crisis on the bench , Thabo Sefolosha came to Los Angeles to calibrate the status of the Thunder. James Harden’s beard has exported it to Houston, but despite OKC wins, again and again. Success becomes perennial runner-up in the NBA. Paradoxically, it is after a loss to the Lakers that went Busa chat with Switzerland to understand the course of the conference champions royal title.

Thabo, the Thunder season runs beautifully. We would even be tempted to say that it is even better than expected. What happened after the departure of James Harden, the team and the speech coach for you digériez so quickly?

Everyone is asking the right questions to find out how to raise his game and bring a bit more to the team.Everything was done very quickly and naturally. For everyone, it was necessary to know where to be even better to keep the team at the top and do even better. In the end I would say that the discussion was fairly simple, several players left and new ones arrived: it’s part of NBA business, we must think of us! Course view from James was painful, but at the same time we do not have much time to think.

With all the fuss around the “family” OKC, we could think that it was unexpected divorce may break something. Finally you are almost better …

We have enough talent on the field to continue to win games and newcomers fit in perfectly with the mood of the team. There is really no problem to turn the page, and then all ways we have not had time to mourn the departure. This is the NBA wants it, you can lose some friends at any time. Now they are not out of the NBA and are still alive. You can still see and call. In the end all is well for everyone.

Okay, but how is a period of adjustment virtually non-existent?

You know, we kept the same five and a replacement important as Nick (Collison) is still there. Kevin Martin may have a different set of James but both are scorers. So as with James, the coach relies heavily on Kevin off the bench to lead the “second unit”. There are many similarities with the previous season, although some players are different. The philosophy is the same, we are in continuity.

The last time you came to the Staples Center, the Lakers already has seen a big prick Scott Brooks angry about a dead time in the last quarter-time, while still led the team with 16 points. This is symptomatic of a concern for detail requirement and learned in the last two playoffs?

A little … But you know, we have already learned that it is the last two seasons and since the beginning of this one. There were a few games this year where we were largely lead to the beginning of the fourth and the guy in front returned. So I think this stroke, it was to send a message to young people and those who play less. He wanted them to understand that it is not because we need to come on the field to his stats and think about his apple. We have a way of playing and it must be respected. That was the message!

When Kevin Durant is sure qu’OKC mission and each match is played as the last, you confirm?

Yes this is how we see things, even if a defeat like tonight is a little more difficult. For me the important thing is not to win every game today, although it is kind of the point. The key is to build what will be the final victory in June when observing important details, what we lack, how to improve what hurts and rely on what we do well.


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