Blazers Meltdown! Rip City gets Ripped

Blazers Meltdown! Rip City gets Ripped

It was really funny that after admitting that the refs gave the Blazers all kinds of breaks in the first half,. they still complained about the calls the Thunder got.  I suppose the Thunder have to go the whole game without a free throw for some fans to be happy.   I’ve highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours?  

  • Normally I would expect a loss, but the Blazers seem to have some kind of magic in the Rose Garden right now. I guess they have to lose a home game eventually though.
  • Durant seems to not try too hard against Portland it seeems but expect westbrook to go off tonight against lillard
  • Image
  • Sefolosha and Ibaka both out tonight. Interesting.
  • without ibaka, durant and westbrook will almost literally have to score 50 a piece to reach 100 today. no worries…we got this 
  • There’s actually a distinct possibility that they both do. 
  • Ibaka out? Hmmm…I’d rather have Westbrook out. That guy always kills the Blazers.
  • Having no Ibaka certainly helps our case to win
  • Durant hasn’t been a Blazer killer… Westbrook has
  • Its strange. Blazes have been getting lucky this year Zbo was out with Memphis. Klove was out with minn.
  • Its almost like the gods want us to win this year :D
  • Or maybe they just got bored stepping on our hearts And are finally just leaving us alone.
  • If the gods really want us to win this game… they’d take out Westbrook and Durant. I hear the flu is going around…
  • Their two key bench players will now be in the starting lineup Nick Collison and Kevin Martin
  • Deandre liggins is starting….. I’ll ask it for you.. “Who?”
  • OKC not having Ibaka actually takes away from their offense And if Aldridge gets either Perkins or Collison in foul trouble. They arent deep with bigs
  • I see the Zombie Sonic fans are still in full force. Next year I-5 rivalry reignited!
  • Collison looks like a late night TV host 
  • LIGGINS FTW That was DeAndre Liggins’ first three-point make of the season.
  • like we need another Blazer Killer.
  • Martin flopped twice in a f***ing row. Officials didn’t give his flopping a** a call.
  • They need to call a technical on Martin for these two consecutive flop attempts.
  • I hate Kevin Martin’s game.
  • Floppy flop McFlop. I also really can’t stand Kevin Martin.
  • I love when Thabeet plays
  • Westbrook is cold, but I don’t like him along side Durant. He doesn’t understand the PG position playing along side a Super Star. Never should he attempt more shots in elimination games like he has the past two playoff seasons.
  • Oh look, Durant shooting free throws.
  • I know. let’s foul Kevin durant…that should work
  • His arms will get tired from all the shooting. That’s when we make our move.
  • Westbrook not passing to wide open Durant….Yeah bro…
  • Westbrook is probably my least favorite player in the NBA The way he can take a game away from his own team is middle school basketball-esque.
  • Every time I see Thabeet I swear it looks like the bird of paradise crapped in his hair!
  • Whoa, whoa. No way they can challenge Thabeet or Perkins. Those guys are, like, the most dominant interior defenders in the league.
  • I hope this team doesn’t end up in the Finals. Which is really sad since it means I’d rather see the Clippers.
  • It really disgusts me how Durant gets breathed on and it’s a foul, while Aldridge can’t get a call to save his life.
  • I hope westbrook takes that jumper all night
  • That Martin guy will flail himself a few fouls
  • Still can’t believe OKC landed PJ3 at #27.
  • Talk about a steal
  • Because it’s OKC… i’m pretty sure they sacrificed someone to the Basketball Gods.
  • The entire city of Seattle?
  • Offensive foul on Durant! For the first time in history!
  • …And Batum is not Kevin Durant…
  • I thought Batum is an All-star this year. What happened?
  • Durant is better than all-star
  • These OKC broadcasters are annoying
  • Are they as bad as their PA guy at home games? I hate the overly obnoxious yelling PA guy fad. OKC seems to have initiated that trend.
  • I just hate the noises that come out of OKC
  • That was a BS call on Durant. He didn’t foul Batum.
  • You better believe there will be make up calls Durant and Kevin Martin especially will get a lot of BS calls
  • After they got a closeup of that non-foul on replay I suspect he’ll get the benefit of the doubt all second half now. Wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes with three fouls.
  • Once again Westbrook puts his team in a hole
  • I like to call it Westbrook’s “Yolo mode”
  • Let’s hope Westbrick keeps jacking up crappy shots and ignoring Durant, who appears to be on target tonight.
  • I still laugh how Westbrook usually takes more shots than Durant.
  • Westbrook is like the dumbest star in the league today.
  • Question of the day: Without Kevin Durant on his team, how good is Russell Westbrook?
  • Considering he ignores durant so often anyway Still pretty dang good
  • Would be the unquestioned center of the offense, without having to answer questions about why he doesn’t pass to KD.
  • Ill take it even further. WIthout officials, how good is westbrook Considering he has NO outside shot and 75 % of his shots come at the foul line. I’d say he’s an elite athlete, but average basketball player
  • Thabeet just used his height to do something for once… I wish he did that in Portland.
  • He sucks overall so I don’t even care about that
  • Both PGs have been terribad.
  • At least dame isn’t shooting the team into a loss a la westbrook.
  • Turns out that durant is a better shooter than westbrook
  • Looks like the refs are helping the thunder now
  • Refs gave us a lot of help in the first half. We are just completely out of sorts against this vaunted Thunder defense.
  • Leggins or whatever his name is open every time
  • He should be. Kevin Durant and Westbrick demand a lot of attention.
  • I wonder how many MVP awards westbrook is going to cost KD
  • Refs have decided to call it OKC’s way the second half. 
  • Of course. They’re the new golden team. 
  • Gotta say the Thunder play good defense.
  • OKC makes everything look good. Even Thabeet would be nice for our bench this year.
  • Durant reminds me of George Gervin- The Iceman.
  • Eject Westbrick!!!
  • WAIT! We need his terrible shooting, it’s our best offense!
  • OKC scoring seems so much easier than ours
  • Because they’re way better than we are.
  • Durant is amazing.
  • Why are those fans high 5ing him??? Seriously that has got to be one of the worst things i’ve seen at the RG.
  • Maybe it’s an OKC fan.
  • There are a lot of OKC fans at the Rose Garden from the look and sound of it
  • They would be a pretty easy team to root for if I weren’t already attached to the Blazers.
  • I find them hard to root for
  • Yeah, if I didn’t hate their guts so much they’d be one of my favorite teams 
  • Durant is so good that it’s annoying
  • This just in: KD is one of the two best players in the world.
  • Is there something wrong with Durant’s feet tonight? I’ve seen him trip about 4 or 5 times tonight.
  • he’s still growing into his body?
  • They’re sore From running all over the Blazers as if they were a treadmill.
  • Growing pains… He could get taller. he’s only 24
  • That is what happens when your legs are 75% of your height.
  • They have to take Westbrook out just so Durant can touch the ball. What a hog!
  • Why do I get the impression that the reffing is always a little different than normal when Blazers play OKC?
  • I hate watching the Blazers play OKC Mainly because I hate OKC and they usually beat us
  • Yep, refs have made it clear that you won’t play physical with durant in the 4th tonight
  • Westbrook is the most anooying thing to look at in the NBA
  • The Thunder are lucky they have not experienced what the Blazers have, with all the injuries.
  • The Thunder are lucky in general I can’t think of one bad thing that’s ever happened to them
  • They live in okc
  • Westbrook 5-20… Ball hog?
  • I like how he turns and taunts the crowd on a 5-20 night.
  • Every foul Perkins gets, he acts like someone just killed his cat
  • He seems like he is always mad
  • He must be fun to be around
  • No one ever hugs him.
  • Why are you hugging Durant Batum? 
  • He wants to steal some of his basketball skills? 
  • I’m more pissed that the fans court side are high fiving him after a made shot. Wtf is that?!
  • Durant makes every defender look dumb.
  • Shut the F*** up Westbrick. Durant and the refs bailed your dumb a** out.
  • Refs coddling this f***in team. Gimme a break 
  • A turnaround fadeaway jumper?!?!?!?!?!?!? ON PERKINS of all people in the nba. Sometimes I wanna slap LA. Take it to the basket LA. No more of this soft stuff…….
  • …that’s, probably, the best team in the NBA and we had our chances even shooting terribly.
  • Despite K Mart being a bit of a chucker, OKC is a great, great team.
  • We got beat by OKC because even without 2 starters, they’re a better team. Surprise!

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