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Meltdown time: Beard Style, Houston we have a problem

Meltdown time: Beard Style, Houston we have a problem

Some good stuff. Enjoy today’s Comments from the meltdown. What are your favorites?

  • A bit worried the team will be too tired for this one, but it’s no shame to lose to OKC. I hope we at least keep it close and just MAYBE pull off a win.
  • I don’t know why I have a good feeling for this game, but I do. Familiar surroundings for Harden make for sure shots!
  • Westbrook will get angry and have a meltdown 4th qtr.
  • Martin actually scares me a bit. He’s fully capable of going off if you’re too focused on Westbrook and Durant, which you almost have to be.
  • Harden drops 90. Houston lose 95 – 90
  • Harden with 50+ against his former team.
  • Harden activates beast mode for 40 Asik gets 2x more blocks than Ibaka
  • Martin will want to prove something and we know how good he is when motivated.
  • Back to back against OKC after spending the day at Sasha McHale’s service? If we don’t get completely run off the floor that’s a win in my books…
  • Houston will play them close.. But OKC still has Durant and Westbrook
  • Can’t wait to see Kevin Martin try and flail himself into a defender then throw up a horrid shot only to not get the call. God do I hate Kevin Martin
  • Amen! I didn’t know I hate him this much until he’s gone.
  • I read somewhere that Martin is the most efficient scorer in the NBA right now.
  • Because all the guy gets is open looks. Opposing defenses have enough to worry about with the other all star caliber talent on the court than to worry about Martin. All he does is get buckets, which is all they want from him.
  • We beat them in their house last year when they had Harden. Now that we have him it should be a cake walk.
  • Patterson isn’t going to have a hot night. He is still a soft that will get intimidated by just looking at Perkin’s ugly face.
  • Lin will get mauled by Westbrook
  • Pretty much. The only person that can stop Wessy is Wessy himself.
  • If Harden is going off crazy, the last person they want to put on him is Durrant. He’s not a good defender.
  • Westbrook will try to do too much as always, taking away shots from durant down the stretch and harden together with Morris will be clutch in the end
  • This s probably the toughest match up so far. Thabo will be on Lin or Harden, whoever’s handling the ball. Durant will likely go off and Westbrick…will brick.
  • OKC was nice enough to give their Harden to us, the best thing happened to this team for the rebuilding. I don’t want us to hurt OKC so much and would regard tonight’s loss as a ‘thank you’ gift to them.
  • Let’s hope WestBRICK shows up this game instead of Westbrook.
  • And it has begun!
  • I would hate it if Pumpfake beat us. He only scores from open 3s, cherry picking on long rebound and jumping into people for FT. Put a friggin hand in his face and he can’t do ****. If Martin scores more than 15 points on us, the team oughta be ashamed of themselves.
  • OKC smothering Harden, but we’re just 1 pt behind. This game means more to OKC than it means to us haha
  • That’s a noisy crowd People are too shy in the Toyota center… when they do show up lol.
  • I hope westbrook continues to think he is a post player
  • What would it take for a foul at the rim?
  • Not blood – we’ve seen that already.
  • A different jersey
  • Harden has gotten blocked 7 times in a row, I think. Either 6 or 7 times.
  • They seem to know what Harden is going to do before he does.
  • These guys are bullying Harden. Sad.
  • OKC crowd is out for blood.
  • Can’t stop Durant even a little bit.
  • How that not a foul on chewbaka?
  • Ibaka got away with about 3 fouls so far. Reputation as an athletic shotblocker, refs give you benefit of the doubt.
  • I’m starting to believe the rumour that Harden hit on Ibaka’s girlfriend was true….
  • I love durant but I hate playing him He gets as many favorable calls as harden
  • Cook…sigh. He’s gotten Kobeitis, and that’s not a good thing for Cook.
  • Thabeet being super active is just weird.
  • Someone told him nobody would pay him to stand around anymore.
  • I’m starting to hate Durant’s game So much offensive flopping. It’s only acceptable if you play for the Rcokets.
  • Harden just getting hacked He needs flopping lessons from Durant
  • The only okc player who they’ll call a foul on is martin
  • Dick Bavetta is reffing Well these calls make sense now.
  • Durant, you deserve to be run over for your soft weak foul drawing.
  • Cut cook at halftime
  • I bet after tonight’s game, Harden will say I hate OKC
  • So one day Kendrick Perkins will actually commit a foul he was called for.
  • I just wanna see someone foul Westbrook and Ibaka HARD
  • Durant is acting all whiney on every foul I hope he stops that, only lebron can do that
  • OKC’s defense is suffocating, there’s no clear lanes to the paint.
  • Thunder is the Harden kryptonite
  • Rescinded the ejection? Good job, refs.
  • Lol, these replacement refs are terrible. Oh wait, wrong sport.
  • What the ****! How the hell do you eject someone and then let them back in the game??
  • Now I know, OKC crowd is so silly, Thabeet with an ovation?
  • OKC is classless
  • Harden Boo’d and Hasheem celebrated!? Where am I?
  • Not everyday you see Thabeet get a standing ovation..
  • OKC fans makes Rockets fans look like crap
  • They live in Oklahoma city. Let them have something.
  • The Thunder may have the best on-the-ball defenders in the league
  • We are going Bobcat?
  • Half Bobcat. They were down 40 at this point. You never go full Bobcat.
  • Okc almost up 20 and still complaining about calls? Nice
  • OKC are a bunch of rednecks/hillbillies
  • Wow, we got a foul call our way!
  • You do know Houston has shot almost twice as many fts, right?
  • Westbrick keep shooting
  • I hate Deaquan Cook so much
  • Seriously I friggin hate Cook
  • I think we are playing cook to make okc feel better about the harden trade
  • They waited to see if Durant would fall after the contact to make that call
  • Durant falls on every contact
  • Durants a flimsy little bitch. He’ll never get a letter from the league though
  • The 100 year old ref is not a big fan of the Rockets.
  • Ooooh KD getting mad I’m starting to hate his face.
  • Almost all our draftees on the floor Cept for that crazy guy… can’t remember his name…
  • No mercy by the thunder against harden. Getting blocked left and right.
  • Westbrook just keeps getting past lin on almost every play
  • It’s called getting a solid screen, oh and being one of the fastest, most athletic PGs in the NBA helps too.
  • Ibaka may become the 2nd best player on the Thunder if his offensive game continues to grow like this.
  • Everyone on the thunder getting superstar calls…hilarious.
  • Sefalowsha looks like a more evil Kevin martin
  • Perkins hitting jumpers. FML
  • Refs bailing out OKC time after time again.
  • The announcer just called Martin sefelosha, I know they look like brothers, but come on man.
  • To be honest, OKC is not that impressive to me tonight. If the Rox had anything this would be a different game.
  • I’m really impressed how durant has transformed himself into a legit rebounder and defender.
  • Lamb is so smooth with that stroke…I miss him..
  • Cook is sucks on and off the court… Hate the fact that he is on this team
  • Just need Westbrook to go all Westbrook, and we should be able to win this
  • Harden picked a bad night to suck.
  • OKC is playing horrible and still kicking our asses
  • It was worth staying to watch Martin get steamrolled
  • I hope okc fans are prepared for the harsh realities of what small market teams eventually turn into. Once the KD era is over they will just be another pacers, kings, bucks, cavs type franchise..
  • Scotty Brooks arguing calls while up 18…they can’t get enough calls
  • Yeah when is the KD era going to be over.. Durant’s 24, Westbrook is 23..
  • Even if Harden were to be playing his best I doubt we could win this game… There is the issue of one of the best players in the league playing on OKC and our inability to stop him
  • Why are the starters still out there? Smh
  • Because when Harden’s former team is doing its best to embarrass him, you have his back until the final buzzer.
  • **** durant, **** westbrook, **** Scott brooks, ****the refs
  • I hate Westbrook. Durant is such a class act for bearing with him.
  • Durant and Ibaka are just too good. They can’t be guarded.
  • Lambs potential is a no defense chucker like Kevin Martin…exactly what OKC wanted
  • OKC knows how to defend Harden. Miami knew how to defend him as well. As soon as other teams figure it out, well you get the idea. Harden was awful tonight.
  • I think Serge Ibaka is a huge reason for why Harden played so poorly tonight. He had himself a superstar game with his blocks, but what people aren’t noticing is that with his quickness and length he was able to trap Harden way out on the perimeter and still get back to challenge the paint.
  • Gotta give props to OKC defense. They just showed the whole league how to defend harden effectively, and that was exactly how Miami defended harden in the finals — trap hard and force him either to give up the ball or take a bad shot.

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