Kevin Durant, NBA Scoring Leader after Sunday?

I did it. I crunched the Numbers. It’s very, very possible that Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant will become the league’s leading scorer after his match up with current leading scorer, Kobe Bryant, on Sunday.

Coming into Sunday’s match up, Durant is averaging 27.794 PPG. Bryant is leading the league with 27.895 PPG

See the chart.

Durant Points Kobe Points
35 27.906 30 27.931
30 27.828 28 27.897
29 27.813 26 27.862
28 27.799 23 27.810
27 27.781 20 27.759

So basically if Oklahoma City can keep Bryant at his season average versus Oklahoma City, 23.5 points per game, Durant needs to score 29 points or more to over take the scoring lead. Bryant, however is averaging 26.1 ppg for his career against Oklahoma City. (Just in OKC, Seattle is not included).

If you’re curious, Durant is averaing 27.0 ppg vs. Los Angeles this season. For his career, he’s averaging 26.4 ppg since moving to Oklahoma City.

If Durant can over come Kobe and become the league’s scoring champion for the Third straight year. Durant will be the first three-time consecutive  scoring champion since Michael Jordan did it from 95-96′ to 97-98′.


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