Meltdown: The Sun Sets

Lots of Harden love here. Seems like every team’s fanbase wants to make a run at Harden when he’s a free agent. Hopefully he’ll be like KD and want to stay in OKC. A lot of their comments centered on the other teams they are fighting for position with and how those teams were doing. Some fun comments today.

Must protect home court and finally beat this guys.

Damn, who’s gonna guard durant tonight?

Probably Duds. I’m much more interested to see how Westbrook plays – He’ certainly capable of self-destructing.

We can’t stop Westbrook or Durant.

Thunder are really, really, really good

Gortat and Frye need to take it hard to the basket. Don’t be afraid of Ibaka.

Easier said than done

Somebody needs to shave Harden’s beard off Harden….I don’t like this guy He plays best agaist us

Frye needs to go crazy with his shots tonight I hope that won’t lead to Durrant ripping out his shoulder again though\

Durant didn’t do that. The refs said so. And refs are known to always say the truth

As much as I hate violence, We owe them one for Frye’s shoulder last year

We need a clutch guy like Pierce.

Ugh. I hate the harden effect.

Frye should have just taken Durant’s arm out of his socket Then it wouldn’t have been a foul.

Can we please guard Harden

Did one of the Suns insult James Harden’s mother or something?

Someone must have mentioned he has cheetos stuck in his beard.

Harden is such a beast we need to make a run at him he would keep the sales up due to his influence with the asu crowd and the team would be competitive.

Last I checked we were up by like 12 then out of nowhere 4 I was like wtf

Redd > Vince Carter

He needs a beard …

Redd needs to get hot on the floor

Yeah I’ve never thought of lighting Redd on fire

I think if OKC all wore ballet shoes, we could beat them

Suns and OKC had an agreement “Hey guys we get the first 6 mins offensively then you get the other 6 okay? We’ll do this for 3 quarters and then we’re on our own during 4th”

I forgot Fish face was on this team I actually forgot about him period

Harden Again Why always against us?

He’s auditioning for his future team

Harden isn’t that good, the Suns defense just blows and he loves playing against Phoenix cause he grew up in Arizona.

6th man of the year isn’t that good? This guy would easily average 20 ppg on another team without having all this stars.

Harden is amazing He is better than Westbrook. OKC should move Westbrook for an average PG – someone like Miami’s Chalmers – and some picks.

I don’t like Westbrook.

Welcome to the club I don’t either but if he played for us maybe I would….

I wouldn’t want him on this team. Well yeah I would because he’s a good player, but there are a number of PGs I’d rather have

Duds could a thing or two from Harden on how to draws fouls since they’re both unathletic.

Harden is very athletic Just sneaky athletic.

His whole game is sneaky

OK, now *we’re* getting screwed by the refs. Why didn’t they give Nash that 3?? And 2 technicals??

Terrible refs here too, leading to terribly stupid techs by Nash and gentry.

Totally unnecessary, as they would’ve changed it to a 3 at the time out…

Perkins & Ibaka are shutting down Gortat

Just when u start to take the Suns serious, These guys from an alternate universe where the team that miss more shots wins the show up

Who lies about how tall they are more Durant or Garnett?

We have no one who can guard Harden.

I see 0 chance he resigns with them without assurance he’ll be a starter.

He’s so dangerous.

The officiating is as bad as our rebounding

Can someone please contain that beard

40pts and counting. This is why I see no way OKC can retain him. He’s going to be a max player when he’s a free agent. Or they’ll have to let go of Ibaka.

This team better win the title this year while they have these players.

F***ing Westbrook, wtf is he trying to do to my Steve Nash?

Nash hasn’t been physically scarred this year has he?

Nash just walks away like it was nothing Gets hit like that for breakfast every morning

Probably why he divorced his wife…..

Wow…the beard man is good… a few months back I called Harden a top 5 shooting guard in the league. Most people disagreed. Let me amend my statement. He’s the 3rd best SG in the league (Manu is 3b). Other than Kobe and Wade, name me a better 2.

And let me just add that yeah, it’s easy to laud Harden after tonight’s game. But the guy just came off games where he shot 1-11 (6 points) and 4-10 (12 points).

The Thunder have worse jerseys than we do

Wait, Derek Fishers is a Thunder now?

No he just Snuck in don’t tell anyone

So unfair. He doesn’t deserve to be on championship contenders. Got 5 rings riding Kobe and Shaq’s coattails.

Look at the bright side. Thunder didn’t have 3 players scoring 30+ on us tonight like they did last time.

Suns win if James Harden didn’t play. Harden is ridiculous against the Suns.

Not even free tacos for you PHX people.

Who even wants free tacos anymore? Raptors give out free pizza’s.

Might nor have been mentioned yet but we should offer Harden a contract ASAP.

They’ll get rid of Manor, COllison, Perkins, Cook and everyone else before Harden, Westbrook, Durant, and Ibaka Even if they only had 10 players in the roster

OKC it’ s our kryptonite , I think they can sweep our team in PO if we play against us.

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