The Windy City Meltdown

I love how before the game they are so puffed up and so sure their team is going to blow the Thunder out and feel that their players are all better than the Thunder players.  Then as they get owned suddenly their players all stink and the excuses start.  The refs were against them.  Rose is out.  The arena is too loud.  Good stuff.  I hope you enjoy today’s comments!   
The Bulls dominate the game and expose the overratedness of the OKC.

I miss thabo. I know there’s no room here and I think Ronnies a better fit, but dammit I can’t help it.

Boozer owns Ibaka

To make it fair maybe Kevin Durant should sit this one out

I’m really worried about Westbrook today though, CJ’s D has not been great as of late.

Westbrick will shoot them out of the game.  He’s not a pg and thats why they are so overrated.  Westbrick cant shoot and yet he puts up 50 shots a game.

I really want this game. I would love to show everyone how over rated OKC can be especially in the half court.

We are not only going to win but, we are going to ****ing dominate haters!

We are going to blow these losers out.   No DRose no problem.  We’ve been winning without him and don’t need him to beat this team.

It’s tough to hate the Thunder, aside from some obnoxious Westbrook fans running Rose down from time to time.

If I had to choose another PG besides D Rose I would by far choose Russel

Westbrook should play for Miami, he’d fit in perfect there. Maybe not from a basketball standpoint but because he’s a prick. Hate that bastard.

Man its LOUD in OKC

This hillbilly crowd knows how to get loud And they aren’t even full yet :(

Wow, refs bailing Thunder out…3 straight times.

That’s it! Keep chucking bricks, westbrook

Perkins is the most over rated basketball player in the NBA. Tell me what exactly that guy does that is so unbelievable?

His mean-mugging game is A grade.

Noah will dominate inside.  Perkins can’t stop him.

Westbrook is the only one that can stop his midrange J. No one is blocking that.

The Thunder play at this spastic speed all game? Good God.

There shooting like 90 percent.

OKC gets too many calls.

Yeah 40FTS for OKC today

Westbrook got a simple game…. Attack the Rim aggressive(out of Control) and that little size up pullup jumper from mid-range…No creativity but fundamentals .

Westbrook kinda owning us right now

Does Westbrook ever look to pass?

No need with CJ guarding him.

Of course. Another lucky ass shot by the Thunder. Give me a break..

Garbage. Man, they’re so much better at jump shooting than us.

Why must the Bulls SG spot be a festering infected postule of stank….ass?

The Bulls must be the only elite team that the starting 5 could be their worst unit

If our guards would stop sucking we might be in business.

God, what I would do to see Harden in a Bulls uniform. My fav. Non Bull.

It looks like Durant or Westbrook can score any time they want to and there is not much we can do about it. Tough team to defend, you have to be hitting your shots to have a chance to win

If perk ins is going to make that one, good night

18 for Westbrook… Wait till Rose comes back you piece of ****

None of our PGs can actually defend. Westbrook is gonna get 40 today.

**** Thunder and that overrated idiotic reptile, the Bulls got this.

Can we get a foul call please?


Cant stand Westbrook.

Can we look at Westbrook or is that a foul also!??

LMAO, god forbid Durant ever gets called for a foul.

Refs have been awful. OKC can do no wrong. They aren’t even bothering to get out of bounds calls right.

Westbrook is so unlikable. I don’t know what it is.

We simply can’t stop Westbrook!

Collison would fit in well with Miami….I can’t stand floppers.

The refs are killing the Bulls right now…

Refs must be on the OKC payroll!

But Hubie’s openly cheering for us!


Blind and dumb refs

Noah is just garbage today. Can’t do anything

0-5 for Noah. No pistol shooting today…

Noah doesn’t look very athletic against OKC

It’s called the Kendrick Perkins factor.

The Thunder are moving up the hatred list. They may have surpassed the Pacers for second place.

Rose or no Rose you would think that the Bulls would have came to this game pumped as hell. They look like a bunch of girls out here

I hope that nobody gets the idea that they are better than us

I love the Thunder showboating. Derrick will be sure to remember this bull if we meet in the finals.

Westbrook is not a point guard

Someone needs to put westfail on his ass

Westbrook and Durant have 8 more points then our entire team

Keep showboating Thunder. This game means nothing. Except create a vendetta on your ass in the finals

We’re on a 2-0 run.

Bulls look scared and hopeless right now

We apparently hack every time but they never, ever foul.

This is on the Bulls. They r not being aggressive. They have to attack to get the call.

They realize Rose isn’t playing, right?

Westbrook “Let’s step on their throats.” Boy I can’t wait for Derrick to come back/

I don’t see how the Thunder are showboating or being classless. They’re beating us, that’s all. No reason to be mad at them. Be mad at us.

You missed Westbrook unnecessary screaming few minutes ago?

Unnecessary screaming, are you serious? Why you being such a hater? He’s blowing out the Bulls at home and he’s excited, who cares.

Beating a Rose-less Bulls team. Wow huge accomplishment!

If that’s not showboating I don’t know what is. Westbrook is a punk.

Thunder domination in every facet. Doesn’t bode well for a finals match-up. Westbrook looks like the best in the leauge with this performance. You can tell he’s trying to send Derrick a message on the bench.

They have to have the best crowd in the league. Their 6th man Imo.

OKC is an annoying arena
I can’t picture the UC being so high energy and crazy like this unless it’s a playoff game.

Outcoached by Scott brooks

Considering this is a potential Finals match… Uhh… Don’t know how people can make excuses for this. Injuries or not.

So..anyone still have a mild liking and respect for OKC Or do you officially have them in your hate category now?
Oh I hate all that bravado. And that arena is damn annoying. F’N Repubs. LOL

I’ve always hated them. Zombie Sonics
I only hate Westbrook What an asshole
I hate collison too
Hate, but respect Unlike Miami which is just hate

Lucas is garbage. Hot, steamy garbage.

But he’s so cute and small….

Westbrook is such a prick. Put him on his ass

I really hope Memphis or San Antonio knocks OKC out. Hate this matchup

These refs are a joke. Thunder up 30 and still getting every ticky tack foul, quit stopping the clock ****ing idiots.

I must say, James Harden might be the most coddled player in the league, ref-wise. A lot of it has to do with his skill and IQ. But still, it’s pretty ridiculous how he gets the benefit of almost every call.

How does harden draw so many fouls while not moving fast?

He must watch Paul Pierce film.

Mocking the bulls. They are playing small ball and still out rebounding the bulls

Wow, Thunders defense at the rim has been unreal today. I thought they were a sucky defensive team?

I really like this Thunder team though. I can accept a loss to them much easier than to Miami

I don’t want to see the Thunder in the finals. Not only is their offense good, but they have a lot of length on defense and their shot blocking is great. Combine that with our bigs who are all poor finishers and its not a good matchup.

I like Miami better than the Thunder. At least when they get superstar treatment they are actually driving to the hoop. The Thunder get calls out of their ass.

People can’t be hating on OKC, cmon now stop being sore losers. They are a great team with two amazing players

I’d like to see how good this Thunder team would be if they were missing Durant. I guarantee Westbrook isn’t leading them to 14-6 record.

Big Thanks to FLCeltsFan for this.

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