The View from Loud City: Westbrook off the market?

Sorry ladies. It looks as if Russell Westbrook has a girlfriend.  From what Mediatakeout.com is reporting. Her name is Nina, she’s a studying medicine right now. I mean, it was just a matter of time before someone snatched him up. He’s a young, successful man. I guess he got bored, and found himself a girlfriend.

Here’s what the site is reporting:

Most NBA ballers are quick to WIFE UP a dancer, or a skripper, or an “actress” . . . but not NBA superstar Russell Westbrook. You see RUSSELL has some SENSE . . . he got himself a COLLEGE GIRL, who is studying MEDICINE.

Nina was out on Spring Break, so she was able to go on the road with RUSS for the last couple of weeks . . . and they sent out pics.

We like Russell a LITTLE BIT MORE after learning THIS about him .

Here are pictures of the couple.


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