Meltdown: Laker’s style

Courtesy of FLCelticFan, here are the Laker fan’s comments from last night games. It starts out so bright for them, but with a thunderous crash, Westbrook shut them up.. well kinda.. Here it is..

Lakers fans are so lame.  They start out so blustery and puffed up and bragging on all their players and in the end are ready to amnesty them all and throw every one under the bus.   Oh, and I haven’t seen a fanbase complain so much about the refs but yet gets so many calls other than the Heat.  Enjoy 

I really think LA will show up with a purpose in this game, and look to take it to OKC. And Harden was definitely trash talking Kobe last time. I think Kobe will come at aggressive.

I doubt Kobe will even shoot good this game despite what Harden was doing last game… Just seems like it’s impossible for him to have a good game anymore.

Our bigs will dance all over theirs. They got nothing inside but over rated porkins and ibaka. We’ll rule the boards and the paint.

Kobe is going to show everyone who the big dog is and who the puppies are. Watch out, Beard Boy because the Barber Man is coming…

I hope he crushes the Thunder but then again he’s old

This is a blowout win.

Bynum with the game winning three.

This should be a win if the team decides to play on defense. Kobe’s gonna get his payback on Harden. (I hope he brings a razor to shave that stupid beard).

In before Harden owns Kobe again.

Fisher is in OKC as a double agent to sabotage them. Just like how Odom is a double agent to Sabotage the Mavs…. Now… If only Kapono was on the Spurs

This is gonna be a very emotional game, I just hope Pau doesn’t break down at mid court when he sees Fish.

Anyway, biggest game of the year, we are at home facing the top dog in the West with our new young PG Sessions. This will be a definite measure stick to where we stand at this point and how good we can be.

I think we can (and will) win this. This is a statement game.

This is a blowout waiting to happen. With a shaky chemistry and even more shaky coach, this game doesn’t bode well for the Lakers.

Bite ya tongue my boy!!!! Not gonna happen.. Kobe remmy Harden’s trash talk…. Fisher going there? We gonna CRUSH em!!!

Yup, if it’s a blowout, I think it’d be the Lakers blowing out OKC

I want Kobe to destroy Harden..

GaSTRONG looking good tonight!!! They have no answer for Pau

How can you reject Peace?!?! Perkins wants War.

Perkins a laker in 2013

So… Apparently, same old story… Westbrook blowing by our PG

Yes, we call that a top 5 PG. They are unique creatures.

Artest getting away with a lot of contact, good for us

WE ARE GETTING JOBBED by this ref crew

This [expletive] Ibaka is beating everything

Yo Bynum Talking Mad [expletive] to Perkins………….I Like That!

Ibaka is a beast.

We need to get Ibaka

Fisher seeing first hand what Sessions is all about

I hate Perkins ..

We look elite tonight

Is there any call Pau won’t argue?

We punkin those punks lol

Who’s ‘old’ now OKC? Huh????

Wow….did fisher really just blow by us????? Fisher never made layups for us

See if Ibaka can hit that shot why can’t Pau? Last week or so since the Dallas game hes’ been getting that wide open 15 footer and hes been bricking it

Fish > Lakers Bench

Pau has been garbage

Blake just sucks soooo badly! I want fisher back!

We should have traded Blake and kept fish

Id Trade Steve Blake for Athletes foot right now.. Str8 up

PAU IS SOFT AS (bleep)!

Harden was fouled by Metta…we got away with one.

Durant is too good.

I’m so sick of the Thunder. I don’t like their players. I don’t like their state. I don’t like their backstabbing owners. I don’t like their uniforms. I don’t like their fans. I just don’t like them!!

Pau’s inconsistent jumper is really annoying. Thunder are daring him to shoot it too. His missed jumpers were all wide open. He’s scared to take it inside

Kobe pisses me off so much lately. He can’t shoot. He can’t drive. His D is awful.

So now that we’re behind, can we be allowed to play, and can they get called for their fouls?

Murphy is garbage

Perkins straight up dogging us

Wow, how long does Bynum have to get hacked and pushed to get a foul? Nope. Travel

OKC is gonna run us out of the building they are THAT good

OKC can’t play with us even up. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they apparently aren’t going to have to…

The refs killed this game for us with 3 quick fouls on Pau.

Seriously amnesty Kobe. (bleep) pissing me off.

Man, OKC is really too good.

Finally a T on these primadonnas

OKC should really shut up, they’ve been getting away with murder all night long, hacking, shoving, pushing, moving screens.

Refs trying to help us, we need it.

No, the refs are just being wildly inconsistent

What is concerning is the Lakers came into this game ready to play.

Westbrook is the best PG in the NBA and I know of Derek Rose and Chris “Floppy” Paul

Westbrook on fire damn…thought this guy can’t shoot?

We’re giving Perkins anything he wants.

When Perkins is making midrange shots you know your gonna lose

Westbrook Gonna get shanked tonight Ala Paulina pierce

How come Perkins has 12 pts?

Too bad Westbrook couldn’t have gotten his wish and became a Laker

You aren’t kidding. He is the best PG right now in the league and I am aware of Rose, Williams, Paul and Rondo.

Thunder can thank the officials for this quarter. Those three fouls in 2 minutes on gasol were a game changer.

Seriously, Kobe is a joke. I’d honestly give Mike Brown a standing O if he benches this bum.

You sneeze on Westbrook and a whistle is blown

Thunder are some young cocky little (bleep) god I hate em

Westbrook needs to get kicked in the face to get that smug look off. The list is short of players with faces that I hate more than Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook just beat the Lakers in one quarter. He had like 15 in the third. He is very very good. And very very cocky.

They’re killing us on the boards….just killing us.

We should have traded Pau when we had the chance.

This is Westbrook’s stage. We’re all just witnesses. 14 point game.

The Thunders are like a diesel machine.

Way to come out and make a statement tonight! Too bad that statement was we are a bunch of overpaid head cases who will be out of the playoffs in embarrassing fashion once again.


Lakers as a team look headed into retirement trying to keep up with these Thunder.

Let’s amnesty MWP right now. Utterly worthless.

Blow up this team. But first fire that moron Mike Brown.

Now we are just getting embarrassed

This game is so fix. Dmn zebras letting lakers back in, then they’ll kill it.

Too bad we have Mr. Potato Head for our head coach…

These refs are a (bleep) DISGRACE

Hope Westbrook gets tired and slows himself down

Thug and physical play from the Thunder. Every time an announcer said, “Perkins/Sefalosha/Collison came over to help — I thought, “Don’t you mean came over to hurt?

I’m starting to hate the OKC Thunder as much as I used to hate the Kings. We have a new conference rival. They’re going down in the playoffs.

Stern is laughing at you. His boys are playing Miami in the finals. Book it.

There is no way these prairie dogs are beating us in the playoffs. Not in a 7 game series. We’re taking them out It’s getting to the point where whoever wins the West wins the championship again. I want OKC spitting blood!

Let’s not start being delusional. Okc is the better team. Kobe is near his end. He can’t dominate for ever. Its OKC’s time right now accept it and move on.

No they’re not. They’re frauds. They’re not tough. That is a VERY beatable team.

OKC showed tonight and against Miami they’re not messing around. Hopefully they can steal that Championship from Miami!

SA could knock out OKC, but I don’t see SA knocking out Miami. I can actually see OKC knocking out Miami..

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