Midseason Awards

I used 15 different blogs/sites from around the internet to see what everyone is saying for their mid-season awards. Then, I give you mine. I’m going to try and seem as objective as possible, but if I come off bias, well… remember you are on a Thunder site.

MVP: Lebron James – Miami Heat
ThunderObsessed:  Lebron James – Miami heat. Don’t fret OKC fans, I had KD just second in this race. It’s hard to argue against someone who’s close to averaging a triple double. Yeah, Durant may take him in the points, and James might not lead any real statistical category. Gotta appreciate how good this guy is though.

Rookie of the Year: Kyrie Irving – Cleveland Cavaliers.
ThunderObsessed:  Kyrie Irving – Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs are very quietly in a hunt for the last playoff spot. That’s a big thanks to the 18 points a game that Irving brings to the table. They would probably be where they were last season if it was not for Irving.

Most Improved Player: Jeremy Lin – New York Knicks
ThunderObsessed:  Ryan Anderson – Orlando Magic. Yeah, the Lin story is pretty thrilling. However, as said before, if it wasn’t for New York City, no one would really know who he is, and that is why I chose Anderson. He’s a power forward who is shooting lights out, really contributing for the Magic. He’s been so solid across the board. Lin, only for a month or so.


Sixth Man of the Year: Tie: James Harden – Oklahoma City Thunder/Lou Williams – Philadelphia 76ers
ThunderObsessed:  James Harden – Oklahoma City Thunder. Harden leads all reserves in scoring. A lot of writers really discounted the fact that Harden played with KD and Russell Westbrook. Yeah, Williams is the go-to scoring when the 76ers are in crunch time, but Harden really is a consistent scorer throughout the game, especially at home.

Coach of the Year: Greg Popovich – San Antonio Spurs
ThunderObsessed:  Doug Collins – Philadelpha 76ers. I definitely see why the pundits chose Pop as the coach of the year. However, what Collins has done with the 76ers is something that no one outside of Philly expected. They are blowing teams out, they’re first in their division. They have wins over the Lakers, Bulls, Hawks (twice), Orlando and Pacers.

Most Disappointing: Carmelo Anthony – New York Knicks
ThunderObsessed: Carmelo Anthony – New York Knicks. It’s still hard to believe that ‘Melo is the #1 scorer for the Knicks. I think he’s a cancer and has proven so this season. He’s been bothered by injuries and he’s shooting a career worst from the floor. He made the All-Star team, and for me, that’s complete shocking and a big reason why the voting should be taken away from the fans.

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