NBA Facilities Open at 9AM Thursday.

Integris Thunder Training Center
Finally, we’re about to see some basketball. As of 9 AM CST on Thursday Morning, all NBA players may host voluntary workouts in their buildings. However, training camp will not open until December 9th. Teams will be allowed to provide their strength and conditioning coaches as well as a trainer and their staff, but no coaches or front office may observe drills.
Also, no one can conduct team drills as well. Players under contract, unsigned rookies and free agents are eligible to use the facilities, sources said. All players are free to use all facilities. By trying to open the facilities a week early, NBA execs are hoping to prevent a lot of injuries due to the fact that players have not been able to receive normal treatment that they’re used to before or after games. There were an excessive amount of injuries in the first few weeks after the NFL lockout was settled. The NBA is trying to prevent that. Also as of 9 AM CST Wednesday morning (T-minus 10 hours), teams front office personel can start informal talks with player agents. First time since the lockout, teams will be allowed public comments about any trade or contract discussions. Allowing teams and agents to resume dialogue is also significant, since there are dozens of players who had contracts expire when last season ended and will try to either re-sign with their most recent teams or find new clubs. Real quick point to make, Team execs still can’t talk about the league’s collective bargaining agreement. At least, not yet. The Thunder will get right to work on re-signing Russell Westbrook to a near max contract extension. Westbrook expressed great interest in staying in Oklahoma City for extended amount of his career during his exit interviews.

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