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My Plan to Solve the NBA Lockout — Cap System Edition

As of late last night (Oct. 10th), the NBA has cancelled the first two weeks of the season, which total 100 games throughout the league. According to David Stern, it was not economic issues that caused the talks to break. Rather, the two sides could not agree on some of the system issues, such as contract lengths, annual raises, soft cap exceptions. The following post is my attempt to bring sanity to the whole situation. These are creative compromises that, in my opinion, would be beneficial to both the owners and the players.

Previously I wrote about the most important CBA issue, the Basketball Related Income division. However, maybe I was mistaken in the belief that the BRI was the most important issue for it was the the system issues that caused a break in talks. I will attempt to address these system issues. In my CBA primer earlier in the summer, I wrote extensively about the current cap system and the one being proposed by the owners. I recommend reading those posts first (Part I & Part II).

In short, the owners are pushing for a “hard cap,” while the players are adamant about keeping the “soft cap” system used in the previous collective bargaining agreements. In part one of my plan, the players would be making large concession with the split of the BRI. I believe that is necessary to hold the most ground on the “blood issue” that is a hard cap.

As in my last post, many of my ideas have been influenced by amazing lockout articles that have been written by authors such as Ken Berger and Tim Donahue. My cap system proposal contains three main issues. I will explain each issue individually and give my proposal. Read More

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