David Stern to Threaten Season

By Henny Ray Abrams, AP

Reports surfaced Wednesday that NBA Commissioner, David Stern, is going to threatened the 2011-2012 NBA season if an agreement is not made significan process by the end of the weekend.

“Time is running out. The owners have their views, and we have our views,” union executive director Billy Hunter said. “We’re still pretty far apart. We just figured with the crunch of time maybe it’s imperative that the sides sit down and look at one another and size one another up.”

However, the league is denying the report that the threat will be issued. “It’s simply not true,” NBA spokesman Tim Frank said, according to the Associated Press.

It’s not sure how the remarks were meant. Were they a scare tactic to the other side of the negotiating table? Not sure. However, Stern warned that there are “enormous consequences at play” in coming days. Sources from within the league have said that both sides need to have an agreement in principle by the end of next week to salvage the start of the regular season.

Stern went on to say “All I’d say to that is that there are enormous consequences at play here on the basis of the weekend,” Stern continued. “Either we’ll make very good progress — and we know what that would mean, we know how good that would be, without putting dates to it — or we won’t make any progress and then it won’t be a question of just starting the season on time, there will be a lot at risk because of the absence of progress.”

Training camps have already been postponed and 43 preseason games scheduled for Oct. 9-15 were canceled last week. The league has said it will make decisions about the remainder of exhibition play as warranted, but further cancellations were expected at week’s end even before Stern turned up the pressure with his comments Wednesday.

Whether or not what Stern said he is true, his words do not help his case. I’m focused on let’s get the two committees in and see whether they can either have a season or not have a season, and that’s what’s at risk this weekend.” Stern said on the meetings and the lockout.

You have to remember though, Stern is nothing but a speaker for the owners. Stern works for them. A lot of people tend to forget this. He is not essentially locking the league out, it’s the owners.

However, the other day, there was progress made. Owners budged a little on the “hard cap” issue. Something, that was to be reported as a firm stance by the owners. Players have come out and said that is one issue that they refused to compromise on during the negotiations.

We’ll probably know by Monday whether or not we’ll have a season. From my sources within the Thunder and the league is that we should buckle down and get ready to miss an entire season. Unless the owners and players make significan strides in compromising, we won’t have a league. From what I can tell from the meetings is that is not going to happen.

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