Thunder planning off season workouts.

Lock out or not, the Oklahoma City Thunder are getting prepared for the upcoming season. Nate Robinson told HOOPSWORLD that they are organizing off season workouts in late August or early September.

“Guys have called each other to figure out where we can meet and hang out,” Nate Robinson told HOOPSWORLD. “We want to get some good workouts in, hopefully soon. We’ll probably have guys come in around late August or early September to get it going and start playing.”

There is no doubt this team is ready to go to work. After getting so close to the NBA Finals last season, the players are chomping at the bit.

“We know that everyone is going to come back ready,” Robinson said. “We have so many gym rats on this team, guys that just love the game of basketball. That’s something that you have to cherish. A lot of guys do it for the money, but these guys do it for the love of the game.”

Players have been having organized workouts according to the article, Several Thunder players including Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kendrick Perkins and Eric Maynor recently worked out together in Houston. The group was helping Perkins host his annual basketball camp, but also found time for some training.

Many players have been very busy this summer. James Harden and Kevin Durant went to the Philippines to play in a fundraising event.  Durant also went to China on a Nike tour just weeks before the Manila event. Not to mention, Russell Westbrook, Harden and KD also played in the famous Drew league. Harden made some noise by scoring 51 points.


Kevin Durant made his way around the amateur circuit by recently going to the famous Rucker Park and leaving his mark. All Kevin did was drop 66 points.


“K.D. is playing everywhere,” Robinson said. “He had 66 points at Rucker Park the other day and before that, he played in the Drew League. He’s playing in all of these summer leagues and it just shows that he loves basketball. He does a great job because he works extremely hard. He’s trying to be the best and it shows. It’s just great to see somebody like that going around and playing in these leagues. He carries it over to the NBA and his team as well.”

As Robinson speaks well on his team. He hasn’t exactly been bored himself. Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll invited Robinson to attend training camp. Robinson took to twitter to ask Carroll for a tryout. Carroll then told him to bring his cleats. Will Robinson become a two sport star due to the lockout? We’ll soon find out!

Your favorite big man, Serge Ibaka has been in Espana preparing for Euro 2011. Ibaka was recently nationalized by Spain and FIBA to allow him to play in the tournament. What a force will Espana be with Ibaka in there. Hard to imagine any team beating them.

Oh, Harden’s beard has gotten bigger.

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  1. Great update!! Many of these guys have been playing in various leagues all off season already. I love it!!

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