Serge Ibaka Open to playing in Europe

Current Oklahoma City Thunder player, Serge Ibaka, told a Spain Radio station that if the lockout continues, he would be open to returning to play in Spain.

“If there is a lockout, and there are not many complications to play in the CBA, I would like to return here to play.” Ibaka said during a radio interview.

Ibaka had played two seasons in Spain before coming to the NBA in 2009. Also is not the first player to consider playing over seas. Former team mate, Nenad Krstic signed to play in Moscow. However, Krstic’s contract was up with Boston. Current Dallas guard, Rudy Fernandez, was rumored to receive a six year deal from Real Madrid

Earlier this year, FIBA spokesman Florian Wanninger addressed the possibility of NBA players attempting to look for work overseas.

“In the event of an NBA work stoppage or players’ strike, it would first have to be determined whether the players are still under a valid contract,” Wanninger said.  “If this were the case, players cannot play elsewhere. If contracts are not valid any longer, they are free to transfer.”

The question is whether NBA players’ contracts are considered valid during the lockout, when even players under contract are not receiving their salaries.

Many assume that any player that goes to play overseas would have a clause allowing the player to return to the NBA when the lockout is over.

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