Who is Reggie Jackson?

Everyone had the same question, who is Reggie Jackson? Reggie Jackson was a beast in the ACC. He was third in scoring in 18.2 PPG, third in assists 4.5 APG, and just sixth in three point shooting at 42.0%.

Jackson is a point guard from Colorado Springs, CO. However, he was born in Italy. Also, was selected as the Colorado Player of the Year by numerous outlets in Colorado. After committing to Boston College, Jackson was selected as All-ACC 1st team selection his junior year and was honorable mention All-American.

Stats and awards aside, it was a bit of a shock to all the Oklahoma City faithful who were watching the draft and were left shocked when he was selected. It’s because no one had heard of his work outs, because he didn’t have any. He cancelled all workouts and didn’t attend any draft combines. He claimed his knee injury was the reason for not attending. However, it’s come to light that the Oklahoma City Thunder AND the Miami Heat both promised they would take Jackson at 24 and 31st picks in the draft respectively.

You know Presti though, he’s all about shocking everyone. No one expected Harden or even Westbrook. He was slighted for both selections. However, we all have learned to accept his picks. Where has he gone wrong?

Turns out though, Jackson did indeed work out for the Thunder.

We feel very good about the process and the information we were able to gather on him throughout the season,” Presti said. “We did have him in Oklahoma City. He’s a guy who’s a willing learner. He’s a guy with great athletic ability. He’s a guy who can shoot the ball. He’s a guy who really understands he has room to grow and wants to improve and that’s where his focus is.

Presti also addressed the injury that was the reason to why Jackson pulled out of the workouts

Presti said, “He had a (knee) procedure that a lot of our players have had in the past and it’s something that we understood, we’re comfortable with. I think he’ll be fine in due time. We expect him to be healthy. We’re comfortable with the information that we have.”

One thing we all can say about Jackson is that he’ll have to change his jersey number. I don’t think Westbrook will give that up.

Look on the outside of the draft and it’s the steal of the draft and yet another great selection from Presti. Jackson can cut to the basket and score with consistency. He can also shoot from the perimeter, which is something the Thunder lacked last season (finished 18th in the league from three point range).

As Darnell Mayberry said though, the Thunder beat writer, this is probably more about tomorrow than today. Minutes are tough to come by. He’s technically a point guard, but if he does play, expect him to play more of the shooting guard position. Don’t let his 6’3″ 205 lbs frame fool you, he can hang in that position.

Don’t be surprised if you see Jackson up in Tulsa early on in the season. What does this mean for the questionable guards in Oklahoma City? Royal Ivey, Daequan Cook, Nate Robinson are probably curious about this draft pick. Not Eric Maynor as some of you would like to believe you.

Specifically with Eric, we love Eric Maynor. He’s a huge part of our team. He’s probably a bigger part of the team than people recognize. The growth that we’ve seen in him is not just promising it’s really encouraging to see where he’s come from when he first arrived in the trade.” Presti said.

So, be excited about this draft pick. He should be a great pick for the Thunder. We’ll have to wait and see with Jackson though on his playing time. Welcome to the team Reggie.

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