Thunder win 105-90, Take Series

The Thunder brought the power and finesse we have been looking for all series long. We kept a lead. We made the lead grow. It was wonderful. Kevin Durant had 39 points on 25 shots. Russell Westbrook had only the fifth triple-double in Game 7 history. Not to mention, NICK COLLISON played phenomenal. His box score is not always that pretty. He finished with 8 points, 12 rebounds and a smooth +26.

Breaking down the greading of the 3 Keys to Game 7:

Three Point Shooting: Thunder came through shooting the three point shot in Game 7. Kevin Durant was 4-9, James Harden 4-8. OKC ended up shooting 11-28, 39.3%. I said they’d have to hit the 3 ball to have a shot to win this ball game.

Grade: A+

Emotion: Oklahoma City did GREAT feeding off the crowd. Durant seeing his mom dancing, fueled his fire. She was fired up. Other than Westbrook’s rolling the ball away, getting a technical foul, the team was fantastic with controlling their emotions. Also, the crowd was probably the best it has ever been. Everyone stood up for the majority of the game. They were loud, they were crazy. I’d hate to play in front of a crowd like that if I was an opposing team.

Grade: A-

Let’s Get Physical: First 4 minutes, Randolph hit 2 jumpers wide open. I was worried. Nick Collison came in and it was done. Z-Bo and Gasol finished just 10-25 for 29 points and just 17 rebounds. They bodied him up. They fouled him. They got into his head. Grizzlies just couldn’t match the physical intensity that the Thunder brought to the game. It showed all game long. Randolph got 6 late points in the final 3 minutes when the game was over, padding his stats.

Grade: A

Bring on the Mavericks!

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