Game 7 keys

Game 7 is here. Hard to think of what could have happened if the Thunder didn’t blow a couple of leads. We wouldn’t even be here. However, the resiliency of the Memphis Grizzlies and their will to not quit has willed their way to this spot.  Does Kevin Durant allow himself to go out at home again or does he lead his team onto the Western Conference Finals?
Though the Thunder blew a 10 point half time lead and our back-to-back scoring champion couldn’t score if he dunked the ball.  Russell Westbrook came back and was able to keep his team until middle of the fourth quarter.  He had 27 points on 11-22 shooting.  Hard to argue with Zach Randolph’s second half. He was obliterating Serge Ibaka and Nick Collison.
Personally, I’m done with playing in Memphis. Oklahoma City scored 54 points in the first half of Game 6. The combined total in games 3 and 6 is just 64 points.  Some how we figured out how to score in game four thankfully, or this series would be over.
These are my personal keys that will can will the Thunder to victory.
Three Point Shooting: Thunder have shot the three point shot just horribly. 36-114 (30.5%). In the 3 wins, Thunder are shooting, 37.9%. In the losses 23.3%.  While the Grizzlies in the regular season ranked 23rd out of 30 teams in 3pt defense (36.1%). However, in the playoffs, they’ve improved. Just allowing 30.0%.
Emotion: How will Oklahoma City respond to the home crowd and the pressure of a Game 7? Will Kevin rebound from a demoralizing game? Thunder were intimidated from the loud, raucous crowd in Memphis. Now they need to be influenced by a crowd in the Thunderdome.
Let’s get Physical: Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol was able to get to the rim and dominate our interior defense in the second half. Z-Bo had 12 second half rebounds. Why? He got physical and boxed out. Collison & Ibaka allowed him to isolate, make room, and hit his jumper.  Need to push him around. Let him know he can’t do that anymore. See Game 5.
This is easily one of the biggest game in this history of Oklahoma sports. Easily the biggest game in Oklahoma professional sports. 18,203 crazy fanatics going wild at 2:30pm. The nation thinks that Memphis is the loudest in the NBA. I take offense to that. Step up, lose your voice. Don’t sit. Stand up, and BRING IT.
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