Playoffs in Denver!

So, we decided Wednesday night after watching the Oklahoma City Thunder demolish the Denver Nuggets that we were going to Denver for games 3 and 4. When I say “we” I mean my roommate and I.

We originally were going up for just game 4. However, after some joking on twitter, a nice gentlemen, Eric Urbach, @EricUrbach, ponied up a nice $100 to help our trip. With that we were set for games 3 and 4 in Denver.

We booked the most atrocious hotel in Denver, Howard Johnson Inn, for 3 nights from Saturday-Tuesday. Priceline got us the wonderful price of just $44.99 per night. Which isn’t too bad but for how the place was, I’d rather spent more money and had a much more enjoyable time.

We left at 8:30 PM CST. The trip was long. We had to take a pit stop into Stillwater. A friend of mine from OKCThunderfans.com allowed me to borrow his wonderful Kendrick Perkins jersey.

We got to Denver roughly about 7 AM MST.

Checked into the hotel. It smelled weird. I am very sure now that it was mold. My health got worse all weekend. I was running a fever before the game Saturday. We decided to go to Wal-Mart after taking a nap and check out downtown Denver. Thank God we did. My was already sneezing and coughing plenty. Sunday night our heater quit working. I thought it was just me. I felt worse. Not to mention the “cable” that the room had was horrible. It was about 5 local channels, TBS, and 25 Mexican Public Access channels. What shit. Then as we got back after the game on Monday, roommate brought it to my attention as well. I was already upset with the game, and took it out on the front desk girl who copped an attitude with me when I brought the problem to her attention. Finally moved us to a different room even though we were leaving in the morning. However, felt SOOO MUCH BETTER. Instantly. The room smelled better. It was weird. I swear it was mold. Not to mention the cable was a billion times better. I was just exhausted and ended up going to sleep.

Downtown Denver is almost like Oklahoma City. They don’t call it “Bricktown” though, their lower part is “LoDo.” Looks like two main streets are the real bar areas. Market Street and Blake Street. We were picking tickets up at a place called McCormick’s. Decided to just walk around a bit. Walked over to Coors’ Field.

(Was Taken Sunday Night, just wanted a picture just because.)

Went back to the hotel to get ready, eat some grub and then off to the game. There were a bunch of Thunder fans meetings at Brother’s Bar & Grill on Market Street. Trying to find a place to park is HORRIBLE. Every where is paid parking. I’m not used to this. Highly annoyed me. We ended up paying $2 for the meter so we can eat and hang out with some Thunder faithful. I didn’t eat because I’m feeling like shit. Finally ended up finding some $10 parking just near the stadium. So thankfully, the walk was short.

Inside the Pepsi Center is nice. We can definitely see where we stand up to a top notch arena. There is not a lot wrong with the Oklahoma City Arena, formerly the Ford Center. Tickets are done differently there if bought from their website. You do a “flash ticket.” Basically you purchase online, and decided how you’ll be registered, either through your credit card or if your state allows, your driver’s license or state issued ID card. When you go to the arena, you’ll give the way you decided, and they swipe it. Ask you how many you had, and then print them off for you right there. They’ll have your section, seat, aisle, etc. Very nice.

However, the upper level is much closer than in Oklahoma City. I cannot compare food prices, didn’t really want to eat as I remind you. Inside the arena is where the fun started. We didn’t get a lot of flack walking to our seats. There was a nice “Let’s go Nuggets!” chant going on as we continued up the escalator. Saw theSonicsgate.org group in the lobby taking pictures with fans. I offered to, they said no. Very confused on that.  They would come back on twitter and would later apologize.

Concourse walking around is very nice. Seemed like everyone and their child hung out here during halftime. We would walk around during the second game, and heard shit from about every fan in the building. They have each entrance with 4 sections. one section is below, two to the sides, and one above. Very convenient I thought. The usher however, assumed we didn’t know where we were going and would not let us continue without showing our tickets.

The view, even though the picture does not do it justice, was fantastic. Better than our seats inside the OKC Arena.

You all watched the game, Thunder won 97-94.

Full court shot.

What you didn’t see is that I got shitted on by Denver fans. I was told my mother should die. How I fuck my uncle. Really uncreative stuff. Throwing those fucking towels they were given. I blew my nose on their towel. Kinda looks like I’m crying, but I’m not.

It was so bad that the usher asked if I needed an escort out of the stadium for my safety. All in all it was a great first game. Thunder got a victory and I survived the crazies.

Sunday was Easter. We didn’t even think anything in Denver was going to be open. Luckily we found some places that were open. One place we went to was calledSports Column. Very good place. Within walking distance of Coors’ Field. I had a Rockie’s Burger. Which basically had everything on the fucking menu on it. Well, seemed like it anyway. They had all kinds of TV’s and a basketball goal in there to shoot hoops. Always a win-win in my books.

Walked across the street, found a little lounge, Falling Rock Tap House, and decided to try some Denver beer. It was pretty good. I got to watch my roommate spill a nice $10 pint of beer all over making us look like drunk idiots… and we were sober. Well, at least I was. After that heard some people talking about “LoDo’s bar.” So, we walked around the corner and found it. Way too “classy” for a sports bar. We’ll let’s correct that. Way too “stuck up.” I went to the restroom, came back, tried to order a beer. The bartender said, en quote, “Heard you threw up in the bathroom, probably not getting you a beer.” Without zero proof. I did not throw up. I can admit when I do something like that. It’s whatever, Blue Moon should not cost that much anyway.

Lastly, we went to a bar called 1UP. It was an old school arcade that served beer. It was very enjoyable. We actually went back Monday night for a couple of beers.

Yeah I got photobombed.


Overall, Denver was decent. A guy tried to run me off the road because I was reppin’ the Thunder all over Denver.

Was honked at repeatedly, flipped off, cussed it. It’s awesome that we won. I don’t know if I could have heard the end of it if we lost both games.

I only packed Thunder gear for the trip.

Game 4 was a loss for the Thunder. Barely saw any Thunder gear while walking around. We were on our own. Ended up seeing one or two people in Thunder apparel. Walking around the concourse we caught so much trash talk. I kept it short and sweet “3-0 series, 3-0 series, don’t forget.”  Guys behind us in our seat were nice, but drunk as fuck. Spilled a beer all over my coat, so ended up walking 8 blocks to our parking spot in just a short sleeve shirt. Highly annoying because I already wasn’t feeling well and we lost so I was pissed off. Fucking bullshit loss. Russell Westbrook’s worst game of the season. He’ll respond though. I believe in him. Overall, game 4 was much more calm towards us than game 3. Fans didn’t run their mouth at all when they won. I feel game 3 fans were just being dicks because they were losing. Oh well, won’t have to deal with them again.

Overall, I loved Denver. Wish I could have seen more of it. I’ll pay for a hotel that’s decent next time. I would rank it #3 on my list of favorite cities. Right behind Oklahoma City and Phoenix. Very pretty city to drive around and see it all.

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